7 Tips I learnt as a first time mom.


Being a mom is probably the hardest job you could ever have but yet so worth it. Motherhood has its ups and downs and every day you get better at what you couldn’t do yesterday. Heres what I learnt from these past 5 months and I will still be learning everyday for the rest of my life. 

Baby Wearing – I honestly thought to myself how can someone get anything done while your baby doesn’t want to be put down? A wrap! I honestly had troubles getting Adin to like it in the beginning but I just kept trying because honestly he was in a phase where he wanted to be held and I wasn’t ever going to let him cry it out. I was going to be there for him and hold him. Today, I still wear him when I want him to see things/explore instead of letting him hang in his stroller. 

Breastfeeding is hard – Everyone always told me that labour, birth and being pregnant was hard. Breastfeeding was the hardest for me. I am not ashamed to admit it because I want to get rid of that EVERYONE says “Breastfeeding comes natural don’t worry” yes, it does but with practice and a lot of patience and love! You can go from having low milk supply, over milk supply, poor latch, no latch, tongue tie, lip-tie, milk allergies, inverted nipples, no nipples, and all of them are the same struggle. My advice is to seek a lactation consultant even if you think everything is good. They will help you and they will support you. Make sure you have a good support system (husband, mother etc) and make sure they understand how important breastfeeding it is to you. 

Every mom struggles– When I was pregnant I always thought how in the world do these moms look so put together and how do they upload all those perfect photos? I realized that everyone struggles and every mom knows how hard it is. Even though they post the most perfect photo just remember after that photo they are probably right back in their pjs..(me)

Have time for yourself – I had pretty much all my mom friends and my husband tell me that having time for yourself is important. I laughed at this and sometimes I still do. I do remember one day my husband thought I looked like a ghost and probably at one point I was. Having time for yourself is so important even though it might be hard in the first couple of months, eventually time for yourself will increase. I joined a mommy group also with a friend of mine and we took our babies and met other moms and every Tuesday we talk about different things and laugh at how motherhood is crazy but amazing.  I made a list for myself to make sure I at least get majority of it done everyday. Hopefully you will follow some of these steps for yourself.

  • Take a shower or have a relaxing bath
  • Brush your teeth
  • Go to the bathroom and make sure everyone knows not to disturb
  • Put some clean underwear on and a fresh outfit on
  • Wash your face and put some make up
  • Eat small meals 
  • Nap if the baby naps (if possible)
  • Eat
  • Go for a walk or a drive 
  • Talk to another mom or loved one about your feelings
  • Make your bed
  • Drink or eat something you probably will regret but love. 
  • Have at least 30 minutes with your loved one 
  • Do something for yourself (Read a book, do your nails..etc)

Read blogs and books – You might not agree on everything they say but you can at least try it and say it didn’t work. I read so many blogs and books and sometimes I pick some things that I didn’t know would work, but worked. Download applications and follow pages that you think might help you and your baby.  

Get a tv in your room – I honestly didn’t need a tv in my room when I was pregnant because I actually slept like a baby when I was pregnant. However, in the beginning when I had Adin the tv helped me with the white noise because I had issues feeling like I was alone mentally and physically. This really helped me.. Even though I wouldn’t watch, it was still good background noise. There were also nights where he would wake up and I would b up for hours and I would not go back to sleep so I would literally watch a full series of a show on netflix. 


As soon as you got it, it changes – As soon as you think you got it, it changes literally. You are so happy you got the nap time down and you know exactly what to do tomorrow. However, your baby doesn’t want to be rocked or wants to be held extra today. THIS IS OK. Honestly, if the days were the same motherhood would not be what it is. It’s fun, exhausting, beautiful and so much more. You learn everyday and you just go with the day and you love every single second of it. 

Welcome to motherhood mama xo.



Baby Must Haves

DockATot Deluxe Review.



Let’s start off first with WOW! what a life saver. I could not get Adin to sleep in a bassinet when he was a newborn. As soon as I put him in a bassinet he would start crying because he literally felt like I was just putting him down in a open space. I have a friend and a family member who swore by this and I took their word and made my husband buy it for me. Now, we can’t live without it and will be buying the grand size next.

Everything about the dockatot just works. I am going to name each thing about it and talk a bit about it and you can decide if this product is not perfect enough for your babe.

  1. It light and easy to carry  – I literally will carry this everywhere we go and I can get him to nap anywhere. It comes with a handy to go bag.
  2. Its great for tummy time & changing
  3. It’s breathable – I tested this theory because I was so paranoid of him putting his face into it (don’t worry this doesn’t happen)
  4. Its washable – It un-zips and you can take the cover off and wash it. It is a bit tricky to put back on and zip it up, you probably will need two people to help you with this. (Buy an extra cover because it’s good to have while your baby sleeps in one and you wash the other.. you will thank me later)
  5. It doesn’t feel like your baby is sleeping on a stone – It is soft and delicate. Adin loves the feeling of it and so do I. 
  6. It’s simple. Literally, simple and smart.

The best part of this product is when I put him in there he knows it’s time for nap or sleep time. It keeps them snuggled in there and prevents him from trying to roll over ( I mean he really tries to do this in his sleep but it prevents him from rolling onto his face). It does have a buckle on the bottom and I just recently opened it because he is now to long for it. The deluxe version is from 0-8 months however I feel like I will be going to the grand around 7 months. I mentioned the grand version to my husband and he didn’t even hesitate, he responded with “Yes, buy it.. He loves it and it works for us”  

This retails about $267.00 CAD and an extra cover is about $99.00. So it is a bit pricer but honestly when your a new mom or even a mom with more than one baby you want to sleep and you want your baby to sleep. What got me through these 5 months of motherhood at night is the dockatot. I swear by it and my money was well spent for it.





August ♡

This has to be my favourite month and I wanted to put together a blog post for my august bucket list. Yes, a bucket list.

As the days go by the days definitely get easier with Adin and I feel like I really got a hang of things so I feel like I can plan a little more things now. Even when Adin was small I did a baby class once a week but now we will be upping our mom game and doing more activities for him and for mama before the cold weather comes.

  • Take Adin swimming again
  • Go see a movie in the theatre ( Seriously it has been like 7 months!)
  • Go out for my birthday this year
  • Buy fresh flowers each week ( I really feel so relaxed when I see fresh flowers)
  • Take a bath more than once this month, enjoy me time
  • Sign Adin up for another baby activity class
  • Learn more about my nikon
  • Complete Adin’s playroom
  • Have a bbq fire!
  • Meet more new mama’s on instagram
  • Blog at least 3 times a week

I think this will be it. I feel like if I add more things I probably won’t be able to get them done.  I am going to make sure I don’t say “Why didn’t I do that this summer” I don’t want to miss a thing for Adin’s first summer!

Hopefully I will be able to blog about each of them as I cross them off the list 😉



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4moms Mamaroo

I was excited to write this post ( I know I say that about every single one but honestly I just have so many amazing products I want to share with you!) This post is about the 4moms mamaroo and how much Adin really liked it and how much I liked it. Hope you enjoy reading!


Firstly I want to start about how stylish it looks, how it is simple and honestly how elegant it looks. I can put this in any part of my living room and it will look good ( I have moved this about a hundred times in my living room, I will talk about why in the post later on) Every colour they have works in every home. I also purchased the newborn insert which was the same colour (It is no longer in there because Adin outgrew it by 2 months) I wish they would’ve included in the box because honestly I feel like you need the newborn insert without it their head at such a small age will just fall to one side.

Putting the mamaroo together had to be the easiest and I was so excited when it arrived I literally put it together that night at 8 months pregnant, thats how light it was and easy. I researched this (of course) for days and read other peoples blogs and posts how their babies enjoyed it and to be completely honest I found some that didn’t enjoy it. This is honestly ok because some babies don’t like it and it just means its not for them. I put Adin in this 5 days after he was born and he fell asleep like an angel every single time.

The swing is the smoothest and really does move like you do. There is about 5 different motions ( Car ride, Kangaroo, Tree swing, Rock-a-bye, and wave) Adin loves the car ride and the rock-a-bye the most. The motion can go from very slow to very fast. As a newborn he used the slowest and then when he got older I got increased the speed.  I remember when he was a newborn how much me and my husband swore by this. We would swaddle him, white noise and he would be on the mamaroo and he would fall asleep each time and I could transfer him over to his bed literally asleep. As Adin got older he didn’t fall asleep anymore in it and he was in for more enjoyment. I usually would put him in this to calm him down after his activities and it works like a charm each time. From day one he loved the little patterns above his head. He still looks at them and sometimes I will flip them from the contrast to the colours one every other week. The other great feature on this is that you can connect it to your phone. This is an amazing feature and my husband really enjoyed it the most because he would be on the couch and he could slow it down from the medium speed to the slowest if he eventually wanted to transfer him over to a bassinet.

In the beginning of the post I talked about how many times I moved it around in my house. He started out at the window and enjoyed looking at the picture frames on my bookshelf and then I moved it closer to the window, facing the kitchen and now it is facing the whole living room because he just wants to see everything! Thats how great this product is, its easy to move and its such a nice swing they enjoy being in it and looking at things. I feel the other swings I bought he felt like he was always felt like he was falling back and he couldn’t enjoy the ride.

As Adin got older he really started to slam his feet down on it and tried to roll over in it. I was really afraid of it falling apart or breaking BUT it hasn’t and thats how you know it really is durable and safe. The weight capacity on this is about 22 lbs so make sure that you take note of that. When Adin no longer is interested in the swing or he is 22lbs I probably will be sad or cry putting this away. I really do recommend this product to everyone and my advice is to start early on them because they will fall in love with the soft motion. This retails about $329.99 CAD & The infant insert is about $49.99 CAD.

I hope you enjoyed this post and hope you find yourself looking at one of these babies one day.






I really wanted to share this post with everyone because I really wanted to talk about the his 4 month regression and the huge leap that he went through. When you read this post, just remember every baby does things at their own pace and when they are ready they will do it too. Hope you enjoy the read! 

Honestly, this month had to be the hardest but an eye opener for me how much effort I put everyday to make sure Adin gets the best. I read about the 4 month regression and researched about it and honestly it didn’t seem so bad until Adin went through it himself.  He also went through his forth leap (Wonderweeks.com) and it lasted for 56 days and it felt like each day got harder. It had to be emotionally and mentally the hardest for me and I am so happy we have overcome it.  Adin went from being the best napper to completely not napping at all. However, he slept like a champ at night. It never made sense to me..Why won’t you nap but you can sleep at night? I really struggled with the no naps for literally 3 weeks, the only way he would nap if I was there and that would let him nap for 2 hours. Without me he would maybe give or take sleep for 20-30 minutes and he was super tired when he was up. So, I would nap with him and I made sure he napped for at least an hour and half because sleep is so important for him. For those 3 weeks I napped with him however really showed him when he woke up from a nap too early, to know its still nap time. Today, Adin is the easiest to put down for a nap. I literally put him in his sleep sac, give him his soother, white noise, couple of rocks and he is out in about 5 minutes and will nap anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours.  Adin is happier and mama is happier. 

Adin is one strong little guy and he really blows me away with how much he wants to do. He has so much energy he just wants to jump, roll, and lift himself up anywhere. He will literally wake up from his sleep, grunt and want to roll in his dockAtot (like no baby) He will squirm in the bath tub, push himself off from the ground using his legs. He will grunt and get frustrated if he can’t lift himself up for more than 2 minutes I swear. If I see him really wanting to blow off some energy, I will put him in his jolly jumper and as soon as those little toes touch the ground his eyes light up and he is all smiles. Like FEWF MOM! I really needed that.  Adin loves all his toys, he will grab all of them and will really concentrate on them. He just started recognizing himself in the mirror which is super cute and sometimes I just put him there and he will just start laughing. He is super ticklish and will smile at every lady he sees (Total flirt..)

Adin has been on breastmilk since day one and we have been fully milk regulated (WOO!) he is the happiest on the boob and will eat and wants to play next .He is literally one friendly little guy and is happy if your either holding him (But first he needs the look from mama and he will be ok with it), tickling him or entertaining him. He looks at his dad like “HEY! you look like me..” and he will just stare at him all day. He gets really excited when Elvis picks him up in the morning to change him (Gives mama sometimes 10 minutes to sleep in ;))  or when Elvis comes home from work and he hears his voice. Really, I have the happiest baby on the block and he makes me so happy everyday. I am forever grateful I am your mama. 



Baby Must Haves

Noodle & Boo on my baby.

Noodle & Boo

In my current bedtime routine post I talked about a couple of products and I really wanted to share on how much I love them. When I was pregnant all I researched about was natural products and all the things I needed, and I still do this today before I put it on my baby. Adin is on a bit on the dry side (like his mama) and we give him a bath everyday so I thought I would make sure he had the best products on him to keep that beautiful baby moisture in.

Soothing Body Wash – Now this body wash has to be my favourite. It cleans without stripping his natural mostiure and smell out of his perfect little baby skin. When I bathe Adin I want to make sure when I am cleaning him that he doesn’t come out dry.  It is a soap-free formula and tearless which is important to me because I honestly wouldn’t want him rubbing or crying because the soap hurts his eyes. I will usually put a small amount on a bamboo wash cloth and honestly I get a lot out of such a small amount and I can usually clean his whole body with it. This retails about $20.99 CAD so its a bit pricer but once you try this body wash you honestly will never go back to your old one.

Super Soft Lotion – This lotion is the best smelling lotion and is light but still feels super soft. I honestly put this on Adin and it makes his skin so soft and I just want to cuddle him all night. This lotion has vitamin E and C which helps protect his soft and delicate baby skin. When I put this lotion on him it keeps him moisturized and smelling nice for days, I kid you not. It does retail a bit higher than any other brand of lotion you find at the stores. It retails about $22.99 CAD and is a decent size for lotion and on the plus side you don’t need to use so much, the product literally has so much moisture in it. So I have to say this has to be my favourite baby lotion.

I hope after reading this you decide to pick this brand to be your everyday body wash and lotion for your little one. Hope you enjoyed the read!!






Sleep Routine 5 Months.

Adin is coming up to his 5 months milestone and I thought I would write about his current sleep routine as I have come a long way to achieving this. Sleep is probably my second important thing to raising a healthy child. I can go on forever on why it is important to establish a good sleep routine and a decent time for bedtime. I have probably been asked numerous times what I do for bedtime and probably get bothered why he goes to bed early.. If you want to know, read below.. Enjoy!

When Adin was a newborn he would sleep for 3 hours and then eat and repeat this cycle. This probably was the hardest for me because I have only breastfed him and I had oversupply so I could never ever let him go over 4 hours (It was painful and brutal) As Adin got a bit older I noticed he was showing signs of sleepiness and fussiness at 8:30-9:00pm and I knew at 3 months I would try to establish a good bedtime routine. Thats what exactly I did and I explained to my husband how important it was to me to make sure he knows when its bedtime. Honestly, I wouldn’t of been able to do this without my husbands commitment and support.

I start giving Adin a warm bath at 5:45pm (Yes, we give him one every night, every other night we use body wash) I make sure it is full enough to make sure he can splash his feet because he will freak if he feels like he just in there still. Adin loves the water so much he could literally spend all night there. He splashes everywhere, tries to lift himself in it,  and tries to scoot down. Overall, he is the happiest boy in the bath so I knew that this would be the best way to tell him yup, its bed time soon. I really get him to tire himself out and make sure he is cool enough before bed (these summer days have been really hot at night) I put a little bit of Honest Lavender body wash in the water and wash him with Noodle & Boo body wash (AMAZING!! I will post about this product line soon) He will be in the bath for 15 minutes and then I will take him to his room, make sure all the blinds are somewhat dark and I will lotion him up with the Noodle & Boo and talk quietly to him. I will massage him, put diaper cream on, put his diaper on and into his sleep sac he goes. Adin used to be tight swaddled up until 2 and half months and then we had to move to the sleep sac because he was escaping them and I was afraid of it going over his face.  I will then nurse him until he is full and he almost drains both boobs, I will burp all the burps out of him. I will read a book to Adin and make sure he can see the pages and I will say the words slowly and try to show him the pictures while I read them out ( Elvis & I will take turns on the bed time stories and massages hehe and sometimes we all three read story time together) **Even though he is small and doesn’t understand I know how important it is for them to hear the words** I will then just rock in the chair and hold him with his pacifier and just keep it very quiet. I will then go into our room, Adin still sleeps in our room and I don’t think I will be ready to move him into his crib anytime soon… I will just know when I am ready and when he is. Adin used to sleep in the halo bassinet however I had the dockatot in it because he just couldn’t stand the halo without it. He eventually outgrew the halo with the dockatot and I had to move the dockatot into the pack n play. I make sure the room is dark and the room is about 21 celsius (The AC has really saved us this year and we wouldn’t of been able to do it without) I will then turn on the white noise machine and just hold him and rock him a bit. I will put him in his dockatot and put him on his side (I will put him on his back once he is asleep) and just slowly rock his body back and forth and pat his back. Some days he will just fall asleep on his own while doing the pat on his back and some days he really fights me on it and thats where I will do the pickup/putdown method. I do not and have not let Adin cry out. When he cries I will pick him up make sure he knows its ok and then I will put him down and start the pat down. Sometimes I have to shush to him and that whole combination really works. Some nights it really takes me 10 minutes to put him to sleep and sometimes it takes me 30 minutes! but no one said it was going to be easy. Plus he is still a baby and needs his momma. Adin goes to bed at 7pm every night and I give him a dream feed at 11pm before I go to bed and Adin wakes up between 6:00am-7:00am. There are the occasional wakes that Adin does and it was hard through the 4 month regression and the excessive teething. However, I usually calm him down and help him go back to sleep.

I have got a lot on how do you go out or how do you just stay home. Honestly when we put him to bed at 7pm we will have dinner and then we will have the rest of the night to ourselves. If we want to go out we will ask my Mom to come and watch him and she is honestly amazing with him and really respects on when I say letting him know its still bedtime is super important to me.  When people ask me why I do it? I just think about how important it is for him to sleep and make sure he is getting no interrupted sleep. When you establish a routine you teach them to be calm, organize, clear their mind, and make sure they are fully rested in the morning.  Adin is the happiest boy in the mornings and wakes up talking to himself and will wait for one of us to pop over him with a smile. It’s my favourite thing to wake up to, his smile.