Sensory bin date

I am so excited to finally get back into blogging. I took a couple of months off to really enjoy summer and gather all the things I wanted to work on. I am so happy to be sharing you one of Adin’s favourite activities. It’s the sensory bin made by Sensa Kids. After getting our own, we loved how each time he played with it he got better and more creative with it.

We attended Sensa kids sensory bin play date that they host very month and Adin was so excited and could not handle his excitement. There was so much for him to do and it was like he could not get enough of it. I love how each bin was a different type of sensory and the one he loved most was the sensory he was able to walk in. He could NOT stop laughing, and smiling through his feet. It was just full of fun for him. Something I wish had been around longer because it sure kept him busy.


I wanted to fully answer all the questions on the sensory bin and what uses sensory bins are for and why you need one and how to really keep it clean and safe at your house.

Language skills – Toddlers are able to expand their vocabulary when they describe their play experience. For an example – Adin will try to hide the balls under the “snow” so he could find them.

Fine Motor Skills – Their fine motor skills get improved each time they are played when they are manipulating small objects.  For an example – Adin will use his small tools. He will scoop the snow then put it in a cup . He loves to dump it into the other bin as well.

Social Skills – Sensory bins are good for social skills. They learn about sharing, playing and communicating with others while playing. Adin does well with others when they are in the sensory bin and he picks up other ideas how to play with that certain object in the bin.

Lastly, Independent & Creative play – I watch Adin play but I really let him just go at it. I watch him from a far and I just observe. He has a great time and I feel like he is learning so much more when he just left alone to figure it out.

I also wanted to cover on how to keep it clean and safe for your home. I know a lot of mamas out there are wondering how it’s kept clean and safe and if they really think its the best option for their babe. This was hard for me but after really researching and talking to Sensa kids, I made the choice to get one and loved it ever since. I do watch him a far and make sure if he gets bored that we do put it away. This really helps with them not just getting bored and then dumping it around the house. We put it in his play room, on a mat and each time we pull it out, its a different type of play. For an example, we did types of sports (baseball, soccer ball, basket ball)  and the one before that he did letters. When he is done with playing, we clean up. Put the toys away and put the bins away. He never fights it. Because he played with it, he explored and he done with it. If you are looking on how to clean the sensory snow or the water beads. Also, if you are looking for ideas how to use your bin, just visit


If you are looking to purchase your own sensory bin. Or simply just want to buy some more sensory tools. I will attach my link where you can save while doing so.

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I will also be doing a giveaway for one lucky parent to win a sensory bin made by Sensa kids. Stay tuned.

With love,


A gorgeous morning!

Happy Friday!! I mean do mamas get excited about Friday’s? When I used to “work” I would get so EXCITED about Friday’s because I was ready to sleep in. Well, I don’t get excited about Friday’s because of the sleeping in (because we know that doesn’t happen) but I get excited to have my husband around and we have family over to hang with. It’s one of my favourite parts about Friday’s. But I really try to make sure I do not get burned out during the week. I feel so much better when I wake up a bit earlier than Adin, I can get ready and drink my coffee in quiet. There’s nothing better than drinking your hot coffee, and fresh gorgeous flowers. Custom ring made by @prairiemamaservices – made with my breastmilk forever in love and really completed my outfit. With love, Mya


Visiting the pandas.

Hi babes! I know I kind of been back and forth on my instagram and honestly with Adin being so active, I really need to get him out and doing things. So if you have any ideas for a busy toddler! Please send me my way xx This blog post, I wanted to show our little trip to the zoo. We visited the pandas in Calgary. They are here for about 5 years and we were so excited to see them. Not only see them but wear our panda outfit. I mean really did you go to the zoo if you didn’t have your zoo outfit? If you don’t know this by now, I am a sucker for prints! Greys & whites and black prints. I like funky, soft and fun little patterns that Adin can wear. These ADORABLE bottoms were made by a company @littlehuddyduds she honestly blew me away with this print. So many people were loving the pandas and the fact that we were visiting the pandas made the outfit even cuter!!The top is made by a company called @thehappiestcollection and honestly it was the perfect match to these shorts! I honestly found this beautiful company over at @littlehuddyduds she gives me so MUCH inspiration what pieces to put with what. Honestly, I love to support small. These lovely mamas, make these hand made and is filled with so much love. With love, Mya

Adin’s first “real” hair cut!

I was so excited to share this! Adin did have a mini hair cut from my sister on his 1st birthday but he only took a a piece from the sides and the back. This is a little tradition where we keep the hair and then plant it in a tree. I have kept this in a jar until we move into our next home which we probably won’t leaving from there. ( I will talk about this in another post later…) We were so excited for this real hair cut. I actually thought it would share him with the sounds of the machine and the blow dryer but it didn’t. We did introduce the vacuum to Adin on an early age so he wasn’t afraid of it! But in all honestly, he didn’t cry but could not stay still (this is normal for this little guy) he was so interested in all the THINGS. He really did enjoy the airplane part so I do suggest if you take your little babe somewhere, make sure it has a kid friendly part.With love,



I sat here and thought what in the world am I going to name this blog post. I was like “I have been food blogging for quiet some time now so can I say week 1?” Well.. I did. Because I feel like this will be the FIRST WEEK of fully posting all of our meals on my blog (yay). When I started BLW I really enjoyed preparing the meals for Adin. It made it a fun time and I felt like it was less stressful and also could control what he eats. ( I will get into the less stressful and easy part in the future so keep on following) So when I opened the Instagram page @feedingadin (yes you can still view it, I will keep it open as it has over 160 posts of meals and I don’t ever want to take them away from you)  I honestly had no idea we would have about 450 followers! this is a lot!! that means 400 people viewed and waited for these meals. So many people liked, commented, asked for questions and then tagged me in the same meal on their page. JUST LOVE IT ALL! so here we are growing and I want to do more. I want to help mama’s know that BLW is not scary and I am here for every step of the way. Even though, I do cook really well. It all came with practice and in all honesty doing these meals made me realize how much better I have gotten. How I want to explore more with his food. So, if you keep following me I will give you ALL my tips and tricks.  Also, comment on the blog post itself so I can answer your questions there directly and others can learn off it because sometimes I get the same question asked more than once in my personal messages.

What these blog posts will be like? You will see the post on my Instagram, it will include all the foods for that week. I will add a little description to it but ALL the details will be on the blog. Reason being is because I do not want to overload those posts with so much information. Because moving to this my main page meant I was going to give you guys as much details as I possibly can…


So here it is…



One pan chicken fried rice. This is actually a european recipe. I have learnt his recipe from my mother and my mother in law. Now, I have tweaked it and put in my own things and made it a bit healthier option. My husband wants healthy options always! and I love this because it’s literally all in one pan. EASY!

What you need: 


Basmati Rice

White Potatoes



Salt & Pepper


Olive Oil

How to make:

Grab a non stick dish, oil it up with some olive oil. Cover it completely.  Turn your oven on to 400 Fahrenheit. I will usually put 1-2 cups of rice in there. You want enough to cover the whole dish and enough so you don’t see any of the dish on the bottom. Season it with some salt and a spice called “vegeta” I will use my hands because the oil and spice will nicely cover the rice. Cut up the potatoes in slices, season. Put it on top of the rice. Cover the rice completely with the potatoes.

Season the chicken (I will do this last because I like to clear everything off my counter and make sure nothing gets touched by the raw chicken) I will use half a chicken and this will feed my husband, Adin and myself. I will usually season it with Salt, Pepper, vegeta, and Paprika. I will drizzle some olive oil on it and I will literally massage all these spices into the chicken. Let it sit for 10 minutes and I will put the chicken on top of the potatoes and rice. I will add about 2 cups of water or enough to completely cover the rice and potatoes. I will add more olive oil on top and then I will put it in the oven to cook for 60-80 minutes.

After its cooked, I will put it in the EZPZ mat, add some cucumbers, and grapes. He will also have plain whole fat yogurt from yoplait in a reusable pouch!

**I do recommend you get a non stick dish or pan to prevent the rice or potatoes from sticking**

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