Adin’s Birth Story

**My birth plan was to have a vaginal birth, not to be induced, skin to skin, TRY no drugs, breastfeed as soon as possible and delayed cord cutting**


It was 5:30am on Friday, February 25, 2017 when I woke up in bed soaked. I woke my husband up and told him that I was completely soaked and that I thought that my water broke. I was 37 weeks + 6 days pregnant. My husband told me to go back to sleep and to put a towel under me.. He was not kidding..  I told him that I wake up every night to go pee and that there was no way that this was just pee.  He mentioned that I should be having contractions at least 4 minutes apart from each other in order for us to go to the hospital. We were taking the “Birth & Babies class” and he remembered the instructor telling us a ratio for contractions and when we should go to the hospital.  I got out of bed and it felt like I just needed to walk back and forth. I called Health link and the nurse told me that my water most likely broke and that I should go to the hospital ( I wasn’t having any contractions at this time)

It was about 6:30am and I was packing the last items for the hospital bag ( I knew that this was it!) My husband started packing all the bags in the car and I was just wobbling around the kitchen saying “Yup! this is it we get to meet our little boy maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow but soon” We started driving to Foothills Hospital, it was about a 25-30 minute drive which felt like a 45 minute drive! We parked underground because the weather wasn’t great and we didn’t want to clean off any snow when we were bringing him to the car. We found out that we parked far and we had to walk almost 10 minutes to the maternity unit. After 10 minutes of walking we finally got to the floor and I checked myself in (This was about 7:30am) They put me in one of the beds while we waited for the doctor. We were sitting down, well my husband was while I kept moving around (I was literally gushing water) *I thought it would just be one gush.. I got a whole a lot of gush and for an hour straight!* The doctor and he confirmed it was for sure my water that had broken.  He told us that we would have 12 hours to try to get the contractions to come on their own or they would have to induce me as the risk of infection was there. He mentioned that I should go home and try to get the contractions to come on their own or come back to be induced at the 12 hour mark whichever came first. 

We left the hospital around 8:15am and I was kind of doomed because I felt like it was just magically going to happen right away. I told my husband we needed to pick up the things I needed for the baby and myself while we still have time. We went to West Coast Kids at 9am and picked up the pack n play, went to Wal-Mart bought me slippers and a water bottle, went home and ate pineapple, bounced on my ball, ate and walked up the stairs numerous of times.

It was about 2:00pm and I still had no contractions.. I thought I would take a nap and try to see if I woke up maybe I would have contractions. I took about an hour nap and woke up with just mild Braxton hicks. I went downstairs and called my mom to update her and told her I wasn’t feeling much and that we would have to go back to the hospital around 5:30am (This would be the 12 hour mark) so I could get induced.  After that I went upstairs and made sure his room was extra perfect, changed our bed sheets, folded some laundry, cleaned some more and then it was finally 5:00pm! It was time to go!.. My husband told me he wanted to shave and take a shower.. I thought to myself we are going to be late! we have to be back by 5:30pm. I sat on the bed and waited for him to come out the bathroom and tried to be still as possible and tried to feel his kicks one last time.

It was 6:10pm and we were finally ready to go to the hospital. We drove all the way back to the hospital and finally got there around 6:40pm. I got re-admitted and they asked me questions about how I was feeling, if I had any contractions. (At this time I was having mild contractions and were far apart) They sat me down in the waiting area and waited for my nurse to admit me into our labour room. The nurse came and got us around 6:50pm and brought us into our room ( It was so beautiful and cozy). There was a recliner chair, a patient bed, a washroom, big windows, bouncy ball, a computer with monitors and a section for the baby to be weighed and warmed. The nurse gave me a hospital gown to change in  ( I was going to buy a nice gown for pictures however I was in about 3 gowns by the end of it all) I got into bed and they hooked me up and put these bands around my belly to monitor his heart beat and my contractions. I still wasn’t having any contractions still.

It was about 7:30pm when we got the show on the road! The nurse told me that she needed to put an IV (Intravenous therapy) in and then she would start me on Pitocin (also known as Oxytocin) **Oxytocin is a hormone that causes the uterus to contract. Oxytocin is used to induce labor or strengthen labor contractions during childbirth, and to control bleeding after childbirth.**  The nurse spent about 15 minutes trying to find a vein to put the IV in, she spent half of the time putting a band around my arm and tried to get a vein to stick out. She stuck one in my forearm and it immediately started to bleed on my gown, dripping.. I watched her do this whole thing from start to finish. After watching her, I felt dizzy, sick, and I could hear my heart beat slow down and the room felt like it was dark. I had what was called a extravasation **Extravasation is the leakage of intravenously (IV) infused potentially damaging medications into the extravascular tissue around the site of infusion.** That’s what the nurse told me after I told her how I felt. This meant that they had to wait to induce me as my blood pressure dropped to 60/90! which was super scary. She put the bed on the lowest setting and gave me some water. I immediately started to feel better. They continued to monitor me for an hour, re-checking my heart rate every minute as they were afraid how fast my heart rate dropped. 

It was 9:00pm and they decided to start me on Pitocin. They started me on the lowest (which I believe is about 9) I started to feel the contractions, they didn’t hurt but they did feel like bad period cramps. They bumped me up and that’s when I started to feel them. I was bouncing on the ball with the monitors still hooked up ( I wasn’t able to go very far from the monitor which wasn’t ideal) I walked back and forth and tried to breathe through them. I felt the urge to push for some reason and I felt really uncomfortable in my pelvic area ( I was diagnosed with Symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) at 34 weeks, which I had to stop doing prenatal yoga, getting out of bed or my car with my legs together because it got super bad) the pressure in my pelvic was very extreme it felt like it was completely out-of-place and as if his head was just pushing it farther apart. At this point I was super uncomfortable I wasn’t able to talk or make sense out of my sentences and I also felt like everything was irrating me. I started to walk back and forth breathing in and out after every contraction. I got my husband to massage my back every time I had a contraction and told him to distract me as much as he could.  It was about 11:30pm and I was probably in the most pain I ever have felt, I could feel pain in my belly, back, pelvis and I felt the urge to push. My nurse told me that there was no way I had to push because my contractions weren’t close enough (I thought to myself you got to be kidding me!! they aren’t close enough? how much more pain can I handle in my pelvic and abdomen! She also told me that she had to up me more on Pitocin) I asked the nurse if I could go to the bathroom and so I did, even though it was probably the hardest thing to do while having contractions I felt at least better. It was about 11:50pm when I was unable to speak or listen anymore, I felt annoyed and irrated by everything in the room. I told myself that if I wasn’t able to move, breathe through my breaths or concentrate I knew that it was my breaking point. 

It was 11:55pm when I asked for the epidural, I felt upset because I couldn’t do it without.  I waited for the antheislogist and he was literally in 5 minutes after I asked for one. He told me the risks, that I had to stay still as possible and that it would probably would feel like a really bad bee sting (I have never been stung by a bee before) He was probably the sweetest Irish man I have met. He and my husband were cracking jokes while I was trying to climb back into bed. He told me to sit in a fetus position and to hold my husband in front of me and not to move ( I thought to myself how do I not move while having the most painful contractions!) I felt the needle go into my back, it sure did feel like a sting and I felt it travel through my spine. Weirdest feeling ever! He taped my back and told me to lay down. I felt kind of weird that there was a bendy needle in my back the whole time, but I eventually got over it. 

12:15am and my whole world changed, I felt calm, happy and was able to concentrate. My husband was so shocked because I literally went from 0 to 100 in matter of seconds.  I felt warmth throughout my whole body and my feet felt tingly. I asked my husband to come and massage my feet because for some reason they were feeling num but I could still feel them (this felt so good and it made me even more relaxed) The nurse did a cold test with an ice cube on my neck and belly to see if I could feel anything and I was able to feel it somewhat. She also gave me the button for the epidural so if I needed to press for more medication it was available ( I did not once press this button because I was terrified of being completely num) Things started to quiet down and slow down and my husband went to the recliner and tried to catch some sleep while I drank some apple juice and just sat in bed. The nurse turned down the lights and told me to catch some sleep. I didn’t catch any sleep because I didn’t want to waste any minute by sleeping.  She told mentioned that it would be hours from here before I start into active labour..

1:45am and I started to feel a lot of pain down below. Every time I told the nurse that I could feel pain she said that I was having a contraction. I felt kind of relived at the same time because I was able to feel my contraction, not in my belly but below (This was probably him pushing) Things started to pick up and I felt them more and they seemed to be closer and I felt a lotof pressure down below (Keep in mind I was at about a 15 for pitocin which is pretty high) The nurse said it was probably time for me to get checked and to see how far I was (This was the first time and the only time they could check me because of the risk of infection) My doctor came and they checked me (Super uncomfortable and a lot of pressure) and said I was 10cm dilated 100% enfaced and ready to push!!! Immediately I thought WHAT!..and thats when my adrenaline kicked in. I started to shake and I felt scared as if I was unable to get to the next step. My nurse told me it was ok and that it is normal to feel like this. She woke up my husband from his beautiful nap and told him “Your wife is ready to push!) He came in and out of sleep and then it suddenly hit him “What ready to push?!!) It surprised everyone because this was my first baby and they kept telling me that it would be hours before anything happened. My doctor told me how to push and mentioned that she would be back when his head was visible and when it was time for delivery. At this time I had two nurses, one was at the monitor and one was down below. I had my husband by my side the whole time (Best supportive human I have ever met).  It was about 2:10-2:15am when we started to push, I was doing all kinds of positions. My husband was at the head of the bed and helped me through every contraction. I was able to tell the nurses and my husband that I was having a contraction and when I was ready to push. Every push felt like it got harder and harder and it did. I felt so much pain and pressure down below (As if he was going down and up each time) I heard the nurses keep saying ” You are almost there!!” but I didn’t believe anyone. At this point I was completely soaked, my gown was soaked, my eyes felt blurry and I felt so thirsty from pushing so hard and felt the ring of fire. After 40 minutes of pushing, the nurses called the doctor and told her that I was ready to have the baby.

2:59am, Adin was born. A healthy baby boy, 6.9 beautiful pounds, beautiful hair and the loudest cry…

We dreamed of you, we imagined you and we thought of this very special moment. This was our special moment and we will cherish this moment forever.

We got our skin to skin right away, delayed cord cutting, breastfeeding and lots of cuddles.  This was minutes after he was born. It felt so real, it was perfect. 


We watched you for hours and cuddled you. We love you so much Adin. 


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