Angelcare Monitor

Before I had Adin, I looked and researched for the best monitor but never bought one until he arrived. It was one of the hardest things to buy next to car seat/stroller however I am happy to say I have found the one (After buying 6, trying and returning not even kidding!)

I bought the Angelcare Baby Video Model: AC510 version. It was probably one of the pricier ones in the store but after buying 6 this could not compare. This monitor retails for $289.00 in CAD. The monitor is a 5″ LCD touchscreen, the touchscreen is pretty responsive and it displays the most important things (Pad, Settings, Room Temperature Reporting, Microphone, Search, and Brightness). The monitor also displays on the top the Time, Temperature, Volume, Battery Status, and the Signal for the monitor which is all really good to have.

The monitor can be mounted on the wall or tabletop and is magnetic, which is an awesome design ( Literally it just attached itself nicely) I found out that you can move the camera down and up to get a better view of the baby, which was a bonus for me! The temperature was really important for me because our temperatuere in our house changes so much. The temperature displays either in Celsius or Fahrenheit on the camera and on the parent monitor. It gives you the option to alarm you if the temperature drops to 15 Celsius (Which is too cold) or peaks up to 25 Celsius (Which is too warm) **Babies should be sleeping in 18 Celsius/ 64 Fahrenheit**  I also liked that you can add more cameras (Up to 4), a digital zoom in and a decent night vision. You can add a wireless movement sensor pad, which you put under the babies mattress and it tracks subtle movements (Like breathing) it will alarm you if anything. (I did not get this feature nor will I be adding it because I feel like it would freak me out too much) However, if you want that peace of mind its nice that you can add it.  I also found that most monitors don’t allow you to go very far with the monitor, which didn’t work for me because my husband and I spend most of our time in the backyard, front yard or in the basement which really reaches most range and loses its signal. The Angelcare goes up to 820ft which is a lot where other cameras average up to max 600ft (BONUS!)

I hope after reading this post that you decide to go with this monitor. You can also visit their website





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