My Pregnancy


I really wanted to write a post about Pregnancy because honestly every woman’s experience during pregnancy is so different! I definitely was not textbook pregnant. I miss being pregnant and would rate it an overall 9 out 10 (Being amazing).

When my husband and I decided to start trying for a baby I started to read so many horror pregnancy blogs and posts and I talked to so many people who were pregnant, I was actually terrified to be sick for the first 2 months..  I honestly didn’t know what to expect and we tried for three months and got pregnant on the third month (However for those two months I thought I was pregnant each time, but wasn’t) It was around June 23-25th 2016 when I felt different I would say…I kept telling myself that month “Yup, this is the month.. I can feel it) I went to a parade with my girlfriend and her son on Canada Day (July 1st) and for some reason every baby I laid my eyes on just gave me butterflies. The week went by my breasts were really sore and I was late on my period. I took a pregnancy test and it went positive ( July 5th) both lines weren’t both dark however there were two lines. I couldn’t believe it and I felt so unsure because I didn’t see both dark lines, so I went and bought the most expensive brands you possibly could purchase. Each time the same lines were still the same and I felt deep down that the lighter one would disspear on me overnight (Silly right?!) The next morning I went on my lunch break and bought the ‘Clear Blue Digital’ version and as soon as I got home I took it and it told me 3+ pregnant!!! That was it! I believed it and was so increbily happy, I could not wait to tell my husband ( I actually cried of excitement) As soon as I told him, he was so happy it melted my heart. We just stood there and kissed each other out of happiness. This is it, a baby, a new beginning!

I honestly had the best pregnancy and I could be pregnant all over again (I know every baby and every pregnancy is different) I really enjoyed every minute of it and really had no issues up until 34 weeks when I stopped doing prenatal yoga due to my pelvis (See Birth Story) From 4 to 11 weeks I was super tired and my doctor found out at 6 weeks that I was hypothyroidism (This went away when I gave birth, its very common) I had no nausea (not once) and no crazy symptoms at all. I slept pretty well and I was 95% happy  and gained 32 pounds. I craved chocolate milk, beef, salt and vinegar chips, and couldn’t stand chicken (Very hard for me to eat it now)  I tried to keep myself busy when I was pregnant, I did lots of walks with my dog and did prenatal yoga from 8 weeks to 34 weeks! I also cleaned lots and did some crazy nesting. Overall, I can’t say anything bad about my pregnancy and really do miss all the kicks and the hiccups he had at night. I really wish I could just go back to the first time he kicked and the last time he kicked and just have that feeling recorded in my body and I could just press “FEEL” in my body whenever I wanted to feel it.

To sum this up honestly pregnancy goes by so fast and I remember being 8 weeks pregnant and then I blinked and was 38 weeks pregnant… Where does time go and why doesn’t it slow down?


Here are some of my favourite belly photos, I tried to take a photo once a week.






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