4 M O N T H S

I started a blog because I wanted to remember everything about motherhood even the month to month milestones. The posts and blogs will one day remind me of how little he was and how I will always have it for him to read when he is older. If you want to know what he learns and how he changes, continue reading on.

Adin is currently swaddled up, with his wubbanub and sound asleep. Im laying down on our bed in the dark writing this post. All I can think about how beautiful this moment is, he’s sleeping and growing at the same time and mama gets time to write about how amazing he is.

This month has been nothing but fun, he laughs and smiles all the time. He now knows who mama is and he knows I am his person. He is currently in the phase where he just wants to be held all the time, which is extremely hard and almost impossible for me to get anything done. However, I hold him and he in a couple of seconds he is sound asleep (Not always, sometimes he really fights his naps and bedtime) in that moment I realize why am I rushing to get things done? Why not sit here and enjoy his warmth, love, and how safe he feels right now in my arms. Most times I do that, I put him to sleep and in order for him to sleep a solid hour and half it means I have to stay with him for that whole time. If for a second I get out, his eyes will pop right open. So for now I am currently napping with him and helping him learn to fall asleep next to me but not on me ( It’s a working progress!)  I feel like everyday there is a new challenge and he learns something new. He finally is in his jolly jumper which I found he loved because all he does is kick ( Bath times, on the change table, laying down on his play mat) so I thought I would give the jolly jumper a shot and honestly it was the best purchase I have ever made. I also gave him a bumbo seat so he could sit and watch me in the kitchen or upstairs because he just feels like he needs to see someone. In the last month I have purchased a lot of stuff to put him in and its not that I don’t want to hold him ( Trust me each thing he lasts about 10 minutes in) its just that I want him to get used to if you play or sit in this, I will be back. 

Adin surprises me everyday and I am so lucky that he has chosen me to be his mama. I miss him being a newborn and from day to day I do cry looking at his pictures but I am so excited to see him grow and watch all the new things he learns.





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