First Canada Day!

July 1, 2017

This is one of my favourite holidays, I was born in Canada however my husband was not. I wanted to make sure Adin celebrated Canada day every year like my parents did with me. I am so happy I live in Canada and I am so thankful for Canada who has given me 12 months to spend time with my baby.

This was Canada’s 150th anniversary which was huge. My husband bought the t-shirts for both of us and I bought a full outfit for Adin (Of course I did!) I did get a lot of people who said “He isn’t going to remember this” When Adin is older I will be able to show him his first Canada day photos and over the years he will see how different and how great Canada is each year.  Last year on July 1st, I was pregnant and I was at a parade. This year I went to the same parade with my baby in my arms and my husband next to me. We went with friends who’s baby is pretty much the same age as Adin, it was so nice to have because next year when they are both year and half ish old (omg did I just say that?) they will be able to look at the parade and be super excited for it.

♥♥ Happy 150th Canada! ♥♥






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