Sleep Routine 5 Months.

Adin is coming up to his 5 months milestone and I thought I would write about his current sleep routine as I have come a long way to achieving this. Sleep is probably my second important thing to raising a healthy child. I can go on forever on why it is important to establish a good sleep routine and a decent time for bedtime. I have probably been asked numerous times what I do for bedtime and probably get bothered why he goes to bed early.. If you want to know, read below.. Enjoy!

When Adin was a newborn he would sleep for 3 hours and then eat and repeat this cycle. This probably was the hardest for me because I have only breastfed him and I had oversupply so I could never ever let him go over 4 hours (It was painful and brutal) As Adin got a bit older I noticed he was showing signs of sleepiness and fussiness at 8:30-9:00pm and I knew at 3 months I would try to establish a good bedtime routine. Thats what exactly I did and I explained to my husband how important it was to me to make sure he knows when its bedtime. Honestly, I wouldn’t of been able to do this without my husbands commitment and support.

I start giving Adin a warm bath at 5:45pm (Yes, we give him one every night, every other night we use body wash) I make sure it is full enough to make sure he can splash his feet because he will freak if he feels like he just in there still. Adin loves the water so much he could literally spend all night there. He splashes everywhere, tries to lift himself in it,  and tries to scoot down. Overall, he is the happiest boy in the bath so I knew that this would be the best way to tell him yup, its bed time soon. I really get him to tire himself out and make sure he is cool enough before bed (these summer days have been really hot at night) I put a little bit of Honest Lavender body wash in the water and wash him with Noodle & Boo body wash (AMAZING!! I will post about this product line soon) He will be in the bath for 15 minutes and then I will take him to his room, make sure all the blinds are somewhat dark and I will lotion him up with the Noodle & Boo and talk quietly to him. I will massage him, put diaper cream on, put his diaper on and into his sleep sac he goes. Adin used to be tight swaddled up until 2 and half months and then we had to move to the sleep sac because he was escaping them and I was afraid of it going over his face.  I will then nurse him until he is full and he almost drains both boobs, I will burp all the burps out of him. I will read a book to Adin and make sure he can see the pages and I will say the words slowly and try to show him the pictures while I read them out ( Elvis & I will take turns on the bed time stories and massages hehe and sometimes we all three read story time together) **Even though he is small and doesn’t understand I know how important it is for them to hear the words** I will then just rock in the chair and hold him with his pacifier and just keep it very quiet. I will then go into our room, Adin still sleeps in our room and I don’t think I will be ready to move him into his crib anytime soon… I will just know when I am ready and when he is. Adin used to sleep in the halo bassinet however I had the dockatot in it because he just couldn’t stand the halo without it. He eventually outgrew the halo with the dockatot and I had to move the dockatot into the pack n play. I make sure the room is dark and the room is about 21 celsius (The AC has really saved us this year and we wouldn’t of been able to do it without) I will then turn on the white noise machine and just hold him and rock him a bit. I will put him in his dockatot and put him on his side (I will put him on his back once he is asleep) and just slowly rock his body back and forth and pat his back. Some days he will just fall asleep on his own while doing the pat on his back and some days he really fights me on it and thats where I will do the pickup/putdown method. I do not and have not let Adin cry out. When he cries I will pick him up make sure he knows its ok and then I will put him down and start the pat down. Sometimes I have to shush to him and that whole combination really works. Some nights it really takes me 10 minutes to put him to sleep and sometimes it takes me 30 minutes! but no one said it was going to be easy. Plus he is still a baby and needs his momma. Adin goes to bed at 7pm every night and I give him a dream feed at 11pm before I go to bed and Adin wakes up between 6:00am-7:00am. There are the occasional wakes that Adin does and it was hard through the 4 month regression and the excessive teething. However, I usually calm him down and help him go back to sleep.

I have got a lot on how do you go out or how do you just stay home. Honestly when we put him to bed at 7pm we will have dinner and then we will have the rest of the night to ourselves. If we want to go out we will ask my Mom to come and watch him and she is honestly amazing with him and really respects on when I say letting him know its still bedtime is super important to me.  When people ask me why I do it? I just think about how important it is for him to sleep and make sure he is getting no interrupted sleep. When you establish a routine you teach them to be calm, organize, clear their mind, and make sure they are fully rested in the morning.  Adin is the happiest boy in the mornings and wakes up talking to himself and will wait for one of us to pop over him with a smile. It’s my favourite thing to wake up to, his smile.



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