Noodle & Boo on my baby.

Noodle & Boo

In my current bedtime routine post I talked about a couple of products and I really wanted to share on how much I love them. When I was pregnant all I researched about was natural products and all the things I needed, and I still do this today before I put it on my baby. Adin is on a bit on the dry side (like his mama) and we give him a bath everyday so I thought I would make sure he had the best products on him to keep that beautiful baby moisture in.

Soothing Body Wash –Β Now this body wash has to be my favourite. It cleans without stripping his natural mostiure and smell out of his perfect little baby skin. When I bathe Adin I want to make sure when I am cleaning him that he doesn’t come out dry. Β It is a soap-free formula and tearless which is important to me because I honestly wouldn’t want him rubbing or crying because the soap hurts his eyes. I will usually put a small amount on a bamboo wash cloth and honestly I get a lot out of such a small amount and I can usually clean his whole body with it. This retails about $20.99 CAD so its a bit pricer but once you try this body wash you honestly will never go back to your old one.

Super Soft Lotion –Β This lotion is the best smelling lotion and is light but still feels super soft. I honestly put this on Adin and it makes his skin so soft and I just want to cuddle him all night. This lotion has vitamin E and C which helps protect his soft and delicate baby skin. When I put this lotion on him it keeps him moisturized and smelling nice for days, I kid you not. It does retail a bit higher than any other brand of lotion you find at the stores. It retails about $22.99 CAD and is a decent size for lotion and on the plus side you don’t need to use so much, the product literally has so much moisture in it. So I have to say this has to be my favourite baby lotion.

I hope after reading this you decide to pick this brand to be your everyday body wash and lotion for your little one. Hope you enjoyed the read!!






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