I really wanted to share this post with everyone because I really wanted to talk about the his 4 month regression and the huge leap that he went through. When you read this post, just remember every baby does things at their own pace and when they are ready they will do it too. Hope you enjoy the read! 

Honestly, this month had to be the hardest but an eye opener for me how much effort I put everyday to make sure Adin gets the best. I read about the 4 month regression and researched about it and honestly it didn’t seem so bad until Adin went through it himself.  He also went through his forth leap (Wonderweeks.com) and it lasted for 56 days and it felt like each day got harder. It had to be emotionally and mentally the hardest for me and I am so happy we have overcome it.  Adin went from being the best napper to completely not napping at all. However, he slept like a champ at night. It never made sense to me..Why won’t you nap but you can sleep at night? I really struggled with the no naps for literally 3 weeks, the only way he would nap if I was there and that would let him nap for 2 hours. Without me he would maybe give or take sleep for 20-30 minutes and he was super tired when he was up. So, I would nap with him and I made sure he napped for at least an hour and half because sleep is so important for him. For those 3 weeks I napped with him however really showed him when he woke up from a nap too early, to know its still nap time. Today, Adin is the easiest to put down for a nap. I literally put him in his sleep sac, give him his soother, white noise, couple of rocks and he is out in about 5 minutes and will nap anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours.  Adin is happier and mama is happier. 

Adin is one strong little guy and he really blows me away with how much he wants to do. He has so much energy he just wants to jump, roll, and lift himself up anywhere. He will literally wake up from his sleep, grunt and want to roll in his dockAtot (like no baby) He will squirm in the bath tub, push himself off from the ground using his legs. He will grunt and get frustrated if he can’t lift himself up for more than 2 minutes I swear. If I see him really wanting to blow off some energy, I will put him in his jolly jumper and as soon as those little toes touch the ground his eyes light up and he is all smiles. Like FEWF MOM! I really needed that.  Adin loves all his toys, he will grab all of them and will really concentrate on them. He just started recognizing himself in the mirror which is super cute and sometimes I just put him there and he will just start laughing. He is super ticklish and will smile at every lady he sees (Total flirt..)

Adin has been on breastmilk since day one and we have been fully milk regulated (WOO!) he is the happiest on the boob and will eat and wants to play next .He is literally one friendly little guy and is happy if your either holding him (But first he needs the look from mama and he will be ok with it), tickling him or entertaining him. He looks at his dad like “HEY! you look like me..” and he will just stare at him all day. He gets really excited when Elvis picks him up in the morning to change him (Gives mama sometimes 10 minutes to sleep in ;))  or when Elvis comes home from work and he hears his voice. Really, I have the happiest baby on the block and he makes me so happy everyday. I am forever grateful I am your mama. 



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