4moms Mamaroo

I was excited to write this post ( I know I say that about every single one but honestly I just have so many amazing products I want to share with you!) This post is about the 4moms mamaroo and how much Adin really liked it and how much I liked it. Hope you enjoy reading!


Firstly I want to start about how stylish it looks, how it is simple and honestly how elegant it looks. I can put this in any part of my living room and it will look good ( I have moved this about a hundred times in my living room, I will talk about why in the post later on) Every colour they have works in every home. I also purchased the newborn insert which was the same colour (It is no longer in there because Adin outgrew it by 2 months) I wish they would’ve included in the box because honestly I feel like you need the newborn insert without it their head at such a small age will just fall to one side.

Putting the mamaroo together had to be the easiest and I was so excited when it arrived I literally put it together that night at 8 months pregnant, thats how light it was and easy. I researched this (of course) for days and read other peoples blogs and posts how their babies enjoyed it and to be completely honest I found some that didn’t enjoy it. This is honestly ok because some babies don’t like it and it just means its not for them. I put Adin in this 5 days after he was born and he fell asleep like an angel every single time.

The swing is the smoothest and really does move like you do. There is about 5 different motions ( Car ride, Kangaroo, Tree swing, Rock-a-bye, and wave) Adin loves the car ride and the rock-a-bye the most. The motion can go from very slow to very fast. As a newborn he used the slowest and then when he got older I got increased the speed.  I remember when he was a newborn how much me and my husband swore by this. We would swaddle him, white noise and he would be on the mamaroo and he would fall asleep each time and I could transfer him over to his bed literally asleep. As Adin got older he didn’t fall asleep anymore in it and he was in for more enjoyment. I usually would put him in this to calm him down after his activities and it works like a charm each time. From day one he loved the little patterns above his head. He still looks at them and sometimes I will flip them from the contrast to the colours one every other week. The other great feature on this is that you can connect it to your phone. This is an amazing feature and my husband really enjoyed it the most because he would be on the couch and he could slow it down from the medium speed to the slowest if he eventually wanted to transfer him over to a bassinet.

In the beginning of the post I talked about how many times I moved it around in my house. He started out at the window and enjoyed looking at the picture frames on my bookshelf and then I moved it closer to the window, facing the kitchen and now it is facing the whole living room because he just wants to see everything! Thats how great this product is, its easy to move and its such a nice swing they enjoy being in it and looking at things. I feel the other swings I bought he felt like he was always felt like he was falling back and he couldn’t enjoy the ride.

As Adin got older he really started to slam his feet down on it and tried to roll over in it. I was really afraid of it falling apart or breaking BUT it hasn’t and thats how you know it really is durable and safe. The weight capacity on this is about 22 lbs so make sure that you take note of that. When Adin no longer is interested in the swing or he is 22lbs I probably will be sad or cry putting this away. I really do recommend this product to everyone and my advice is to start early on them because they will fall in love with the soft motion. This retails about $329.99 CAD & The infant insert is about $49.99 CAD.

I hope you enjoyed this post and hope you find yourself looking at one of these babies one day.




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