August ♡

This has to be my favourite month and I wanted to put together a blog post for my august bucket list. Yes, a bucket list.

As the days go by the days definitely get easier with Adin and I feel like I really got a hang of things so I feel like I can plan a little more things now. Even when Adin was small I did a baby class once a week but now we will be upping our mom game and doing more activities for him and for mama before the cold weather comes.

  • Take Adin swimming again
  • Go see a movie in the theatre ( Seriously it has been like 7 months!)
  • Go out for my birthday this year
  • Buy fresh flowers each week ( I really feel so relaxed when I see fresh flowers)
  • Take a bath more than once this month, enjoy me time
  • Sign Adin up for another baby activity class
  • Learn more about my nikon
  • Complete Adin’s playroom
  • Have a bbq fire!
  • Meet more new mama’s on instagram
  • Blog at least 3 times a week

I think this will be it. I feel like if I add more things I probably won’t be able to get them done.  I am going to make sure I don’t say “Why didn’t I do that this summer” I don’t want to miss a thing for Adin’s first summer!

Hopefully I will be able to blog about each of them as I cross them off the list 😉



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