DockATot Deluxe Review.



Let’s start off first with WOW! what a life saver. I could not get Adin to sleep in a bassinet when he was a newborn. As soon as I put him in a bassinet he would start crying because he literally felt like I was just putting him down in a open space. I have a friend and a family member who swore by this and I took their word and made my husband buy it for me. Now, we can’t live without it and will be buying the grand size next.

Everything about the dockatot just works. I am going to name each thing about it and talk a bit about it and you can decide if this product is not perfect enough for your babe.

  1. It light and easy to carry  – I literally will carry this everywhere we go and I can get him to nap anywhere. It comes with a handy to go bag.
  2. Its great for tummy time & changing
  3. It’s breathable – I tested this theory because I was so paranoid of him putting his face into it (don’t worry this doesn’t happen)
  4. Its washable – It un-zips and you can take the cover off and wash it. It is a bit tricky to put back on and zip it up, you probably will need two people to help you with this. (Buy an extra cover because it’s good to have while your baby sleeps in one and you wash the other.. you will thank me later)
  5. It doesn’t feel like your baby is sleeping on a stone – It is soft and delicate. Adin loves the feeling of it and so do I. 
  6. It’s simple. Literally, simple and smart.

The best part of this product is when I put him in there he knows it’s time for nap or sleep time. It keeps them snuggled in there and prevents him from trying to roll over ( I mean he really tries to do this in his sleep but it prevents him from rolling onto his face). It does have a buckle on the bottom and I just recently opened it because he is now to long for it. The deluxe version is from 0-8 months however I feel like I will be going to the grand around 7 months. I mentioned the grand version to my husband and he didn’t even hesitate, he responded with “Yes, buy it.. He loves it and it works for us”  

This retails about $267.00 CAD and an extra cover is about $99.00. So it is a bit pricer but honestly when your a new mom or even a mom with more than one baby you want to sleep and you want your baby to sleep. What got me through these 5 months of motherhood at night is the dockatot. I swear by it and my money was well spent for it.





2 thoughts on “DockATot Deluxe Review.

  1. I am the STRONGEST believer on this item! We have one and it has saved us! When within the first month of having it, I thought…”I am not spending Money to get the grand…” but now that my baby is growing out of her bassinet, I’m all for the GRAND! IM SO EXCITED!


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