7 Tips I learnt as a first time mom.


Being a mom is probably the hardest job you could ever have but yet so worth it. Motherhood has its ups and downs and every day you get better at what you couldn’t do yesterday. Heres what I learnt from these past 5 months and I will still be learning everyday for the rest of my life. 

Baby Wearing – I honestly thought to myself how can someone get anything done while your baby doesn’t want to be put down? A wrap! I honestly had troubles getting Adin to like it in the beginning but I just kept trying because honestly he was in a phase where he wanted to be held and I wasn’t ever going to let him cry it out. I was going to be there for him and hold him. Today, I still wear him when I want him to see things/explore instead of letting him hang in his stroller. 

Breastfeeding is hard – Everyone always told me that labour, birth and being pregnant was hard. Breastfeeding was the hardest for me. I am not ashamed to admit it because I want to get rid of that EVERYONE says “Breastfeeding comes natural don’t worry” yes, it does but with practice and a lot of patience and love! You can go from having low milk supply, over milk supply, poor latch, no latch, tongue tie, lip-tie, milk allergies, inverted nipples, no nipples, and all of them are the same struggle. My advice is to seek a lactation consultant even if you think everything is good. They will help you and they will support you. Make sure you have a good support system (husband, mother etc) and make sure they understand how important breastfeeding it is to you. 

Every mom struggles– When I was pregnant I always thought how in the world do these moms look so put together and how do they upload all those perfect photos? I realized that everyone struggles and every mom knows how hard it is. Even though they post the most perfect photo just remember after that photo they are probably right back in their pjs..(me)

Have time for yourself – I had pretty much all my mom friends and my husband tell me that having time for yourself is important. I laughed at this and sometimes I still do. I do remember one day my husband thought I looked like a ghost and probably at one point I was. Having time for yourself is so important even though it might be hard in the first couple of months, eventually time for yourself will increase. I joined a mommy group also with a friend of mine and we took our babies and met other moms and every Tuesday we talk about different things and laugh at how motherhood is crazy but amazing.  I made a list for myself to make sure I at least get majority of it done everyday. Hopefully you will follow some of these steps for yourself.

  • Take a shower or have a relaxing bath
  • Brush your teeth
  • Go to the bathroom and make sure everyone knows not to disturb
  • Put some clean underwear on and a fresh outfit on
  • Wash your face and put some make up
  • Eat small meals 
  • Nap if the baby naps (if possible)
  • Eat
  • Go for a walk or a drive 
  • Talk to another mom or loved one about your feelings
  • Make your bed
  • Drink or eat something you probably will regret but love. 
  • Have at least 30 minutes with your loved one 
  • Do something for yourself (Read a book, do your nails..etc)

Read blogs and books – You might not agree on everything they say but you can at least try it and say it didn’t work. I read so many blogs and books and sometimes I pick some things that I didn’t know would work, but worked. Download applications and follow pages that you think might help you and your baby.  

Get a tv in your room – I honestly didn’t need a tv in my room when I was pregnant because I actually slept like a baby when I was pregnant. However, in the beginning when I had Adin the tv helped me with the white noise because I had issues feeling like I was alone mentally and physically. This really helped me.. Even though I wouldn’t watch, it was still good background noise. There were also nights where he would wake up and I would b up for hours and I would not go back to sleep so I would literally watch a full series of a show on netflix. 


As soon as you got it, it changes – As soon as you think you got it, it changes literally. You are so happy you got the nap time down and you know exactly what to do tomorrow. However, your baby doesn’t want to be rocked or wants to be held extra today. THIS IS OK. Honestly, if the days were the same motherhood would not be what it is. It’s fun, exhausting, beautiful and so much more. You learn everyday and you just go with the day and you love every single second of it. 

Welcome to motherhood mama xo.




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