10 facts about me.

I am currently taking a bath and I realized I haven’t really wrote a blog post about me and all I have is my “about mama” on my blog.

I know it’s probably really obvious that I’m married and I am a mom to a boy. Others probably know a little bit more as well if you follow me on instagram. But I thought I would answer some of the questions mama personal message me about.

That being said.. here’s a little bit about me.

1. I love to take baths – I have heard so many people tell me that they hate baths but honestly they complete me. I have a lot of bath bombs (lush) and love Epson salt. I have my water super hot and most of the time I browse on Instagram or write a blog post.

2. I am a clean freak – Complete OCD, perfectionist and a little bit of craziness. My house is clean all the time. I will stay up late just to make sure everything is clean. I can’t go to sleep until this is done.

3. I love being a mom – I’m sure this is super obvious because I post a hundred photos a day of my boy. I never knew how much you could love so much. But I really enjoy everyday with him and make sure I make everyday fun.

4. Super married – When I say super married I mean like I’m totally in love with my husband. I have known him since childhood and always had a crush on him. We were best friends since we were young and he is still my best friend today.

5. I hate laundry – I mean am I the only one? I will leave it till the very last minute. I have to iron pretty much all of Adin’s clothes and my husbands because I just can’t let them go out wrinkled. I just can’t. And that’s why I hate it so much because nothing is worse then folding and ironing.

6. Shopping alcoholic – fewf that wasn’t so bad admitting that. I used to spend a load of money on myself but ever since I had Adin I feel super guilty spending on myself and will spend a hundreds on him. Am I the only one?

7. I love to decorate/organize

I love love to decorate my house and organize. I use Pinterest here and there but most of the time I just put things together and it works.

8. I love to read – books and blogs are my absolute favourite thing to do on my own time. If it’s about love, babies or baking.. I love it all.

9. I love anything sugary – My night cravings are slurpee’s and I usually will have one. Even if it’s super cold out.

10. I don’t like winter – Snow, cold (except slurpees) anything that involves with winter I dislike. I will turn up my furnace to 24 Celsius, during the winter just so I can wear shorts and a tank. No baggy sweaters or cute socks for me.

Anyways goodnight lovely’s


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