6 M O N T H S

August 25, was the last night I just breastfed Adin. This is his last night that the only food that nourishes him was breastmilk. I can’t help but think about how did time go by so fast? Every single day goes by so fast. I honestly remember him being a newborn yesterday.. holding him and trying to figure out breastfeeding half asleep. This post took me awfully long to post and I have been having a hard time coming to terms that he is half a year old. I don’t know if a lot of people feel this way but I feel like the days go by so quickly and he grows double the size overnight.. I cry a lot knowing that I can’t make time slow down and he is becoming more independent.

Adin is filled with so much energy I honestly do not know where he gets it from. He smiles and laughs all day, he is the happiest baby. He is absolutely in love with his “Sophie The Giraffe”, his rubber wire ball, frozen toys, mesh food feeder, and chewing on his soother. He was started on solids about a week before he turned 6 months. I have given him; Banana, Carrots, Apples, Green Beans, Avocado, Plain baby oatmeal, Blueberries(Loves), Peach, Plum, Pears and Watermelon and much more!! I have been using the Beaba Baby Cook and I have cooked and pureed every single thing he has tried. However, he is still breastfed 6 times (one including a dream feed) I have also been giving him water after his meals, he has been using two sippy cups right now and really only knows how to use the one with the straw. If I feel like he didn’t have enough water after his solids I will offer him water with his spoon (Which he loves!)


6:30am – Wake up

7:00am – Feed

7:30am – Activity (Change his diaper, play with him in his play room) ** I will play with him pretty much the whole time and I make sure that this part of the day that we focus on learning new things and enjoying.

9:00am – First Nap ( He gets pretty tired from all the fun and will want to nap) **This nap lasts anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours.

11:00am- Breastfeed first then solids

12:00pm – 2:00pm – We will usually do an errand or will go out with a friend.

2:00pm – Feed/Nap (I am home always at this time and make sure he really gets his afternoon nap) **He will nap from 2:30-3:30pm usually**

4:30pm – Solids then Breastfeed

5:00- Activity and hang with dad

6:00pm – Bath, Book, Feed

7:00pm – Bedtime

We still do our one walk a day with our dog and we make sure we at least do one outing of the day. I will be taking Adin to a fun baby class and will put him in swimming in the fall. I really want to make the most of his first year and I want to have a million photos of him. Well… I kind of do already.




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