SIX months postpartum

Six months have passed since I gave birth to Adin. How is that possible? Being pregnant, giving birth came all so fast, it is all so magical to me. You grow a human for 9 months, you give birth to your beautiful baby and then you love them for the rest of your life. Doesn’t that just sound so beautiful? I remember telling myself how can someone go through so much and still want more? EASY! I can’t even tell you how I literally forgot the pain and sleepless nights because he is worth everything. He is my baby, he is everything to me and so much more.

These six months has gone by so fast I kind of forgot I was pregnant. However, all the crazy postpartum that comes with it, I won’t forget that. No one really tells you about it. I have been told that 6 months is where you see a lot of change.

The first month was pretty much a blur to me. I breastfed Adin pretty much every two hours and I vividly remember even sleeping through that first month. It was the most tiring thing I have done (except giving birth) I remember barely eating but I only survived because my husband was so good to make sure we had a lot of healthy snacks. He was honestly the best support system I have had.

As the months went by I got more and more sleep. I prioritized to make sure Adin knew how to self soothe and to be able to sleep on his own. I have co-slept with Adin in the beginning but I was super afraid of doing it full-time so I made sure sleep routine was important to him.  The excessive sweating was there for two months but it did fade by the third month. My hair loss has been bad since day one. Every time I get out of the shower, I have clumps of hair coming out. I have talked to my doctor and she said it gets better around the six month mark (I have not seen a change yet, so I did cut my hair short because I was getting annoyed) I still take my prenatal vitamins and vitamin D, as well I make sure I drink enough water. I haven’t yet made (weight-loss) a priority, however I do daily walks.  I haven’t lost much weight because I am really afraid of losing my milk (For real) I have only breastfed Adin so I have not given him any formula so for the past 6 months all I want to do is EAT, because he literally milks me. I am drained and dehydrated by the end of the day but I don’t ever want to stop breastfeeding him.

I get about 7 hours of sleep ( I could get more but I choose to go to bed late) I have recently just starting drinking wine and will drink as soon as he falls asleep at 7pm (not every night once in a while) and then I have that 4 hour window to make sure I am good (I am a paranoid mom oh-keh) I do take a lot of baths and still love to read and blog so basically that is what I do for myself right now. There are days where I feel like I need to do more for myself, but I will work on that next month.

Everything comes in time, I don’t rush things. For now, I enjoy my baby full time because he will only be a BABY for six more months.




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