Give me all the fall!

Fall is everything to me more. I honestly wish fall was all year round. It takes forever for fall season to come around and then it’s gone just like that. It’s the worst when I’m still in my fall mood and they put out the winter stuff in the stores.. like no. We only had like fall for like what two days?

What I love about fall,

Pumpkin candles or anything pumpkin

Cozy long sweaters

The leaves

The color burgundy and grey!

The warm weather

Pumpkin picking

Fall decor



My husbands birthday!

Squash (pasta, soup.. you name it)

Pumpkin pie

Fall hats!

You are probably wondering how pumpkin spice is not in here? Oh, I do not like it.. I wish I did because I could join the rest of the world.. I have tried it and I just can’t seem to like the “spice in it” if anyone has recommendations on how I could like it, please let me know.

Anyways, happy fall loves!!




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