7 M O N T H S

Adin is like a little gentleman that you wished all your life for. He is seriously boyfriend goals. He smiles from 6am-7pm (pretty much all day), he laughs at everything you do, he is super ticklish, and can’t catch his breath when he is being tickled. He loves to be held and cuddled.  Adin still loves his baths, jolly jumper, and being on his belly. He will protest when being changed and will scream at you if he went from being naked to clothes (He loves to be naked). It is almost impossible to even change his diaper now a days, however he loves his photo to be taken. He now knows when you leave the room and will get upset if he wants you near. Oh, still loves the boob.

Adin has been on solids for about a month now. He will pretty much eat anything I put together. I did not follow the rule, “Try a food for 3 days repeat..” I literally just put everything and cooked in the beaba and he eats it every time. He loves blueberries, banana, and water the most. I give everything to him in moderation, however he has literally tried everything! Except meat. I use a lot of spinach, green beans, oatmeal for iron. I am not into blending his meat into mush. When I feel like he is ready to chew meat, I will offer it.  I make everything fresh daily for him, if we have plans and we will miss his afternoon lunch at home. I will use some from the freezer or I will make some quick and keep it in our bag from JJ-Cole! (I will put ice packs and it will stay cold!)


6:30am-7:00am – Awake

7:00am – Breastfeed, Change, Activity, Fruit in his boon popsicle

8:30am-9:30am – First Nap (two hours)

11:30am – Breastfeed, Change, Errands/Walk or an outing

2:00pm – Breastfeed, Prepare for nap

2:30pm – Second nap ( Hour and half to two hours)

4:00pm-4:30pm – Awake, Change, Activity, Solids, Breastfeed(Top up only)

6:10pm – Bath, Massage, Book, Breastfeed

11:00am – Dream feed (Asleep)

7:00pm- Bedtime





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