What changed/ What stayed the same

What changed:

  • I drink coffee ( Ok, this will have to have it’s own blog post one day because I was coffee-sober for 2 years)
  • I plan our meals for the week (It is less stressful and really keeps me organized for the week)
  • I don’t sleep in anymore ( I have been pretty much up every day at 6am, from 3 months+)
  • I don’t spend as much money on myself than I used to (I still spend it a lot on Adin and my house though)
  • I am late to EVERYTHING (I used to go crazy if Elvis and I were late to anything. WELL, I am now late to EVERYTHING)
  • I have so much patience now since I became a mom


What stayed the same:

  • My house is ALWAYS clean (Honestly, I had so many people tell me that once you have kids you will stop caring. This does not apply to me)
  • I am still an organized freak (Actually a bit more now that I had Adin)
  • I stay up till 11:30am-12:00pm every night to clean
  • I love to read and take a bath
  • Elvis and I still spend a lot of time together still (Another reason why Adin’s bedtime at 7pm makes everyone happy)
  • I still have anxiety (This applies to too much dirty laundry, being un-organized, or the kitchen island bombed after making dinner)




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