My organization tips

I had someone recently ask me how do I stay so organized? Honestly I am tired ( I just don’t show it) I feel as if my house is clean I feel like I can start the day fresh. I do fall behind from time to time (laundry ugh) but I try to think positive and how good it will feel when I get back on track.


  • Have a home for each thing. If you put it in a different spot each time, it will get lost or it will look like you randomly just put it there.
  • Figure out a design or how you want to find it. e.g. In the kitchen you can put your cooking books on the counter. Make sure they are easily found or decide that everything gets put away and you can only have plants/some applicaines on your counter
  • Make organization bins (This honestly saves me) I will put a basket full of goodies in my guest bathrooms. I currently have 4 bathrooms in my house so I make sure that they are always stocked up. Some goodies would include like; extra toilet paper, febreze, flushable wipes, etc..
  • Put things away during the day. When Adin finishes his lunch, I will clean his high chair and bowls. I will clean each dish once I am done eating during the day.
  • Every night clean your kitchen counters, tidy up the playroom/family room and sweep (if you have kids) I will also tidy up Adin’s room, our room and the bathrooms. **Keep in mind when you put things back right away you don’t have much to put away. Thats why its key to do it as you go**
  • Clean/organize your fridge once a week. I will do this every Wednesday night (Garbage day is on Thursday) and make sure to throw out food that has gone bad, and to make sure I know what I need to buy.
  • Ask for help. Honestly this is huge. I will sometimes ask my husband or mom to watch Adin for an hour and I will iron or grab groceries for the week, if I feel like I am falling behind.

When Adin was a bit younger I would nap when he would nap because honestly I was a ghost 99% of the time. Now that he has been sleeping through the night and having good naps, I try to get some things done while he naps. If I don’t finish it, I will try to finish it in the evening. I also found it helpful to make a list for yourself and every day of that week you do that certain chore. Hope you find this helpful loves!





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