Our swaddling story.

Ok wait.. swaddling your baby has a story? It sure does. Every baby is so different with swaddling. Some babies dislike, love, or get used to being swaddled. We are the third one. I honestly blame myself for it as well because I felt as he was so content in it and I didn’t want to disturb him by taking him out of it.

Adin went from being tight, burrito swaddled. I would wake up my husband in the middle of the night to re-swaddle him because he kept getting out of them. I honestly thought to myself WHY did I start swaddling? Well, he loved the feeling of being tightly swaddled. So, I continued swaddling him. He was tight swaddled from 0-2 months and then at 3 months we went into the Stage 1 “love to dream” swaddle (I will attach the link below) The stage 1 had the sleep sac where his arms were covered but he could move them (There was almost none startle reflex) However, when he started rolling over, I knew that if I wanted to get him to sleep in his crib, I would have to do the following: 1. Get him out of the stage 1 and into the stage 2.  2. Get him out of his dockAtot at night 3. Put him in his crib.

How we transitioned:

For three days I took out his right arm out and he fought me on sleep for three days. I mean it took me three hours every night to put him to sleep (This is huge because I would put Adin down to sleep before, he would fight it for 10 minutes and turn over to sleep). For those three days he would wake up in the middle of the night thinking it was time to get up for the day. Why? because every morning we would take his arms/body out of the sleep sac and he would stretch and clued in that it was time to get up. Hence why he was confusing it in the middle of the night.

Another three days I took out his left arm and put the right arm back in. He fought me on the first night but the other two nights he was fine. Slept through the night perfectly. This is where I felt like he was ready for both arms out.

Four days he slept with both his arms out, in his dockatot which was in my room. He fought sleep on the first night. The second night he woke up for two hours in the middle of the night and went back to sleep on his own. The third night he was fine.

A week and half later I put Adin in his crib without his dockatot and in his stage 2 sleep sac. It took him 40 minutes and I just watched him slowly figure out a spot where he liked it. I honestly feel like he likes his crib more and was able to move around more.  Keep in mind that Adin has spent a lot of in his crib during the day. I really made sure that nothing came to a shock to him.

Patience is key. Ask for help and drink lots of coffee during this phase. If you have any questions. I can definitely do a Q&A blog post.

Stage 1 Swaddle

Stage 2 Swaddle




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