We meet again..

Coffee – Where do I even begin with this? I love it but hate it at the same time?

It was exactly 2 years this month when I stopped drinking coffee. I really wanted to stop drinking wine and coffee when my husband and I started trying for a baby (Yes, it could have taken us months or years but I wanted to stop just in case because you never know when you start trying). Giving up coffee wasn’t the hardest, it was actually the wine. When I had Adin, I didn’t crave or want coffee. I was actually afraid of any caffeine because it could lower my milk supply. However, I started drinking Matcha green tea and I all of sudden started missing the smell and taste of coffee. Unfortunately coffee does not keep me awake nor does it wake me up, I simply just drink it for it’s delicious taste.  The end of September, I purchased a coffee candle from bath&body works and the smell of it in my house made me MISS IT SO MUCH. That was it, I purchased my first coffee from Mcdonalds and sat there and enjoyed every sip in my car. The next day I got another one and I’m sure you know how the next day went 😉

Coffees I like to drink.. Honestly, the less sugar the better. I feel like anything sugary makes my teeth rot and makes me super de-hydrated. I like to drink a double shot of Espresso’s, Turkish coffee, Mcafee coffee from mcdonalds or a Latee. I do sometimes put sugar in some of them (my husband hates when I do this, he says I ruin the coffee) but when I purchase a bag of strong coffee and use it as an espresso it seriously needs just a bit of sugar.

I currently only drink 1-2 double of espresso or a small cup of coffee a day. I do drink about 2, 8oz of water after because I do feel like I get a bit de-hydrated after. I do know I could give it up and I wouldn’t go crazy without it now. Even though in my head, I think those double espresso help me through the teething nights (really it does nothing for me) I mean I could pretend that coffee wakes me up or something….








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