What you need on your baby registry

When I was pregnant I looked for what to put in my baby registry every single day. I honestly was having such a hard time where to sign up my registry, what to put on there, and how many of the things I needed.

Lets go back 6 months ago where I thought I had everything but I really didn’t. I ended buying even more things when Adin was three months old.  I am going to provide you with a list of things you probably should get on your list and if you don’t get them as a present, go out and buy them for yourself.

A good nursing pillow – I used the baby buddy nursing pillow, this pillow I decided to get after having a cheaper version, when Adin was three months old. Honestly, this was my biggest regret not buying it first. I really wish I had researched more about nursing pillows before rather than later. This pillow is actually made in Canada and it is priced to be around $80.00 CAD. The pillow has different colours, easy to clean, and honestly is the most comfiest and props up so easily. I had no trouble putting Adin in any position, because the pillow just cooperated so well. Please visit their website/instagram and check out this amazing nursing pillow. You won’t be disappointed, I promise.

Blanket/Swaddles – I am not talking about one single brand swaddle. You need swaddles, they will become your best friend. I honestly bought every single Aden & Adais swaddle because they were the longest and were nothing but soft. I also purchased the Kickee pants blanket brand. This brand blew me away. It was the most stretchiest material I have yet to seen, SUPER soft and he honestly could never get out of his swaddle. You can use swaddles for burp cloths, blankets, lay it down so they can play. Honestly, you can go wild. Buy more than one, you will thank me.

More than one pack of nursing pads – When I say more than one pack, I mean like twenty. I honestly never thought you would leak so much when your milk was coming in and when they were eating. I went through so many nursing pads and destroyed so many of my t-shirts in the middle of the night. I went through 1-2 boxes for the first three months then eventually by 4-5 months I had maybe gone through half a box. Now he is almost nine months and I don’t wear them anymore. I used the Nuk brand day and Nuk brand night. The night ones are bit thicker and they have two stickers on the back to stick to the bra, instead of one. I recommend you look into your nursing pads and make sure you try them out prior.

Diapers/Baby wipes – We used pampers diapers from newborn – six months, then we moved onto huggies brand. We felt that huggies couldn’t keep his poop from not going all over his back. For the baby wipes we recommend pampers because they are a bit stronger and I feel that they don’t rip easily when being pulled through the wipe warmer, where as huggies did for us. We ended using a 104 box of pampers for newborn and then we moved onto size 1 which we used two, of the 204 packages (YUP). We are currently on size three and have been since six months.

Diaper bag – You absolutely  need to love your diaper bag. I am not even kidding about this. I bought the skip hop diaper bag and it was a decent diaper bag for $140.00 CAD. However, I felt that I needed a little bit more open space and to be able to carry on my back. So, I ended up selling my skip hop diaper bag and purchased the Fawn Design Bag, which costed me $290CAD yup, let that soak in. My poor Canadians, I really feel you. BUT, this bag is worth every single penny. I will do a blog post about his bag because it deserves to be blogged about. To sum it up, you need to make sure you research and if possible go inside and check out the bag. Even if you have to return it a hundred times.

Baby Monitor – This of course is another expensive thing you will probably have to buy. I put my monitor on my registry but no one purchased it as the one I got was almost $400.00 CAD. However, there are different types you can purchase. I believe finding the perfect monitor is a must. I honestly went through every single brand of monitor and ended up buying the angel care brand (look back in my blog posts to read about our review) and honestly it has been the best. You think that any monitor is good but honestly it matters. You will look at the distance the monitor could travel, the night vision, the quality of the camera, two way talk, and so much more special features. Research your favourite one before you just put any kind of monitor on your registry.

Diaper Pail/Bag Refills – We purchased the Gene diaper pail and we honestly have not had any problems with it. It retails for about $60.00CAD and the bag’s (pack of 3, $22.99CAD) We purchased the whole year supply of diaper bags for $70.00CAD and honestly it lasted us four months. The mistake we made was we didn’t wrap the diaper up in a small ball when being throw into the pail, instead we just threw it into the pail hence why we ran out quickly. Buy as much as bags as you need because they will poop like no tomorrow.

Sterilizer – We purchased a sterilizer because I pumped after each feed to make sure I had enough supply and stored a lot of my milk ( I ended up having OVER-SUPPLY MILK) and other stuff we used everyday, we sterilized. We purchased the Dr.Brown sterilizer and we honestly had no complains about it. It really did the job and was very quick and easy to use.

Wubbanub – The cutest soother you could ever purchase. We bought one for Adin and it was my favourite up until six months. We purchased it for $20.99 and had to get rid of it at six months as on their website they said it was only good until six months.

My list could go on forever, however I felt that these are the items I really felt like I needed the most. All the other things that you will also need are, Burp cloths, a lot of sleepers, nipple cream, and a good water bottle to survive that thirst is always good to have on your registry as well. I recommend you read another blogs as well and make a list of things people put on their registry and than go and make yours :)!





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