Stocking stuffers for under $50.00! @ Indigo Chapters

It’s that time of the year and I am super excited about it. However, I don’t start to decorate until the 2nd week of December because I feel like November is too soon for me. However, it’s never too late to start your stocking stuffers. I love stocking stuffers but it has be exactly what I need and not something I find “cool” at the moment and then forget it exists. Indigo Chapters is your GO TO for stocking stuffers. They have everything and more.  So when I was asked to write this blog post, I thought to myself what would I want to be in my stuffer. Where here they are, this is what I would want in my stocking. I mean every woman/mom wants this. I will explain down below, I promise.

Selfie Light – If you want your wife/lover/girlfriend/soul mate to have THE PERFECT pictures, this is it. This is the trick. You buy this light and never have to worry if the photo is too warm or dark.

White Marble charger – Ok, the marble life is the new life. Anything that marble, has my money. This is charger is good for traveling and easy to be seen if you ever need to find it. Plus, it’s in style.

Shower speaker – Call me crazy but my escape time is the shower. I sometimes wash my hair four times just so I can enjoy every minute of it. I purchased this speaker for my bathroom and I just blast my music and enjoy my “me” time. It also is really good for baths!

The sun and her flowers – I am sure if you are reading this you probably know that everyone has either read, bought or looked at this book. Every page in this book, makes you want to read each page over and over again. Buy this. It makes you view things in such a beautiful perspective.

Swell Bottle (Travel size) – I have the normal sized swell bottle and ended up buying the smaller version because it fit in my bag so much better.  If you want your water cold for 12 hours and your water hot for 24 hours, this is for you. AND who doesn’t want marble in their life?

The perfect pair bag *Kate Spade* – This bag is labeled for shoes when traveling. But honestly, you can use this for going to yoga/gym, storing your heels, keeping your wedding shoes in them or just an everyday quick bag.

His & Hers *Kate Spade – Best of both worlds. One for you and one for her. Two gifts, one price! Kate spade always comes out with the cutest little luggage tags. They are definitely not cheap feeling and last a life time!

Cocktail kit – I mean do I have to explain as to why you need to buy this? You can carry this on the airplane, your everyday routine, hiding in your pantry from your kids. ANYTHING haha!

Pom Pom Tassle – Its cute, simple and can be used on any bag. Clips on and you are good to go. Simple and easy for stocking stuffer.

With love,




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