What’s in my diaper bag!

If you are reading this you probably will know that 1. I am either super organized or 2. I’m just crazy. Or maybe just both? Before I share all my secrets and my MUST buy products for a diaper bag, grab a notebook because this will be a long one, but I promise you it will be worth every minute of your time.

When someone tells you to bring pretty much nothing with you because it easiest to carry around. This is not true. I do carry a lot in my bag but I am organized and I make sure everything has a home. You don’t need a diaper bag for it to be a diaper bag, you can honestly buy any bag and just buy the ToteSavy insert to organize your stuff in the bag.

Once you put that item in that pocket or section try to leave it there for next time or you will never know what pocket you put it in and then end up taking the whole bag apart. What’s nice about the totesavy is that it can easily be pulled out and you can look at all your stuff.  I do own both the original size and the mini size and I find my original size is good for my going out bags and my mini size is BEST for the Fawn Design bag. (If you want see the difference of them both in the bag, go visit Totesavy’s blog where they talk about it.. Honestly I have memorized that blog inside & out)

When you are doing laundry and you take stuff out of your diaper bag, remember to put a fresh set inside. If you have dirty bibs, dirty clothes or used up stuff and you just stuff it in your bag it will make your diaper un-organized and probably smelling funny. Use a doggy bag, and put all the dirty stuff in it and this will remind you to take it out when you open that diaper bag again 😉

Ok! Lets start with the Fawn Design Bag, without this bag I probably would be either stir crazy un-organized or just a mom who doesn’t have style. This bag has it all for you. Style, lots of space, perfect leather, simple, and gorgeous colours. The Fawn Design bag is a bit pricey for Canadians and you actually cannot buy it in Canada. I had to actually buy it on their website and when it got to me it ended up to be $290.00CAD. But I don’t regret it and it is worth every single dime. You can wear this bag as a backpack or on the shoulder, either way works.  However, I believe without the Totesavy inserts I don’t think I could be as organized as I am today.

 In the mini grey totesavy there are six pockets, a middle section and gadget to clip your keys to. The mini size looks small but honestly it fits so much stuff. The pockets are not small and I feel like I can keep putting things in and it never gets full. The material feels so light and there is a cute little handle you can grab when taking it out of the insert.
In the deluxe changing pad, I wanted a section in my bag that was just for changing him and where I can put all the toiletries together. The changing pad itself is so cute it actually makes me laugh every time I change him because it says “Sh*t just got real” whoever thought of that has one amazing sense of humour. The changing pad clips onto the insert so nicely and it has its own little home in the insert. There is two elastic bands for baby wipes and one for diaper cream or in my case I use for our honest bum spray. There is a HUGE back pocket, where I put all my toiletries. Literally it’s the best changing pad combo I have ever got.
What’s in what:
Tote Savy
  • Sippy Cup
  • Teether’s ( Sophie the giraffe, Shop Glitter and Spice teether)
  • Snacks for Adin
  • Toque and mittens for Adin
  • Change of clothes for Adin
  • Burp Cloth/Bib
  • Copper Pearl Nursing cover
  • Baby breeze fresh food, if it’s being eaten within the hour it goes in a pocket, if not it will go in the black thermo bag (Poppin bottles) **Even though I don’t give Adin bottles as he just feeds off my boob, I still use this bag for storing his fresh food, cheese, fruit cold etc..)
  • Aleeva face wipes

Deluxe Changing Pad

  • Pampers sensitive wipes
  • Huggies diapers
  • Honest Company Bum spray
  • Changing Pad
  • Honest Company healing ointment
  • Lotion for me
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Dog bags for storing his diaper ( I don’t like just throwing his diaper in someone’s garbage) I also use this to store his dirty bib, or clothes so it doesn’t get on anything else
  • Baby Butz cream (All Natural)
  • Vaseline

Fawn Design bag

  • My wallet
  • My phone
  • Stop the drop straps
  • My lipstick, lipstick liner and eyelash brush
  • Gum

As Adin gets older I will of course be changing my diaper bag so often however I feel like this has been like this for a while. But of course I will do an updated blog post of “Whats in my diaper bag” when he is a year old.

♥ Myamom


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