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This blog post has been asked numerous times to be written but I kept pushing it to the bottom of the list. I currently have a list of what to blog next so I have to prioritize as best as I can. However, a lot were asking so I pushed this up to the top.

I wanted to thank all of you who had time to ask a question and really showed support. I also want to thank whoever reads this post because you are also supporting my blog. So thank you for all the love I get everyday from you.


How did you guys decide on your son’s name? 

Honestly, my husband chose his name. We never agreed on the names when I was pregnant and we had no name up until Adin was born. Adin had no name for two hours and then my husband sat in the hospital and just thought of his name and looked at him for two hours straight. He chose Adin. Pronounced Ah-Din so if you have been saying Aiden, you have unfortunately been saying it wrong.

What has been the most challenging/rewarding part of motherhood?

The challenging part would be trying to juggle everything. When I mean juggle everything it’s being a good mom, a good wife, a good cook, having time for myself, making sure everyone has fresh clothes, making sure the dog is being fed. I am very hard on myself and try to be PERFECT at everything and really when I’m not.

The rewarding part would be that I have a son and a husband at the end of every single day even when I’m not perfect at everything or hangry.

What’s one thing you wish someone had told you about being a first time mom?

That you literally have zero time time for yourself. It’s like giving up ALL your time. I lack giving myself the time because my never ending list of things to do never gets smaller. Every night when Adin goes to bed at 7pm, I make dinner, clean up dinner, clean up the house, and finish up folding some laundry AND then I will sit down which is  usually at 10:30pm.. I know I could just drop everything and not do it but I just can’t. I have tried to strike and it just gave me BAD anxiety and just made me crazy the next day.


What’s one reason you’re just as glad that you had to learn it yourself?

Shellac nails. Honestly, I was getting my nails done every 3 weeks before I had Adin. When I had Adin, I had to stop because I couldn’t find the time and all the hand washing was just making them peel in a week. However, I have gone a couple of times when my husband was like “GO do something for yourself” so I will go to the nail salon and pamper myself up. On other days when I really need a set of new nails and I don’t have the time to go, I will do it at night with my shellac kit. It took a bit learning but it was worth it!


Are your lashes real? 

I get this question A LOT! They are not real. They are eyelash extensions and have been getting them done for 6 years. They are part of me and without them I feel naked. I love them oh so very much.


Is there anything you’d have done differently from pregnancy-currently now that you’ve had time to reflect?

Relax. I never really took the advice ” Sleep, relax before you have a baby” I really didn’t do that and I wish I had time to just relax and just be lazy and call in sick like everyday.


How do you get any sleep and manage to be up always on time when he wakes up at 6 and between naps?

Adin has been sleeping since 7pm-630am from 3 months to about 6 months and then around 7 months he moved up to 7am. I could get more sleep if I went to bed earlier but it really helps that I sleep trained him and he at least gives me sleep from 11pm-7am. I am not always on time, I actually am late to A LOT of things. However, I get ready when he has his first nap in the morning and I try to plan out the day as much as I can.

Who is your best and most beautiful and funniest friend?

This question made me laugh because the person who asked it actually is one of my best friends. We have been best friends since high school and we have been always so close even though she lived in a different city for 5 years. She is probably my biggest support system and comments on all my photos. She also will hashtag for me because she always makes sure that I am being 101% fully supported.

What is your favourite part of motherhood?

I don’t have a favourite part because honestly being a mom has been the greatest blessing. When my husband brings him to our bed in the morning and we just sit and cuddle and laugh before he goes to work. It’s knowing that he is growing up to be the sweetest boy and he loves us SO much.


Do you want more babies? if so, how many? if not, why not?

I get this question asked A LOT, I mean a lot. From all my family and strangers too. Of course I want more babies because I would never want to leave Adin without a sibling. I do want more and I honestly don’t know when the next one will be but I know for sure it won’t be for a couple of years because I want to spend all the time I can before he grows up. I do get a lot of people telling me it would be easier for me to have another baby closer together. Honestly, this would not be easier for me. My husband owns two businesses and his schedule is all over the place. He doesn’t have a Mon-Fri job 8-4pm it’s when he gets it done he gets it done. So I am mostly on my own and on Sunday’s we spend all day as a family. So, for now I am enjoying Adin for now, the three of us and my time with my husband on Wednesday nights (date night) haha!


What was your favourite milestone so far?

Crawling. Even though it’s really really really hard to manage. I love the fact when we throw a ball across the room his face lights up. When we take Adin to his baby class he can’t stay still because he just wants to crawl all over and honestly he turns around checks that I am still there and just keeps going.


Eyebrow tips?

Haha, I just combined all the eyebrow questions in this one. If I told you that I had really skinny eyebrows would you believe me? Yup, I did. They were the skinny and I felt like at every appointment she kept taking more off. So.. I changed my eyebrow lady and got myself a new one and she created me a set of new babies. I had to grow them out A LOT and I just did no selfies for those weeks. Right now I am growing them out to be a bit thicker because I feel like they shape my face better. I see her about every 10 days and I do not pluck. They are all natural, no tattoo of any kind, or makeup. I just let them grow and only let her touch them. How do you take selfies on those days? Coverup covers it up or I just don’t take a selfie haha! But.. I don’t ever let them grow a lot where it’s that noticeable. How do you even have time to get them done that often? She lives down the street, across the park literally.


How are you so pretty?

I combined this question in one as well. You guys are the sweetest to even say something like that. Honestly, I love you. I don’t have sh*t together always ladies. It’s the eyelashes and the brows that fool you. But thank you for saying that because some days when I get 0 sleep, I look like a zombie.


When can we be real life bestie and have a coffee + shopping date?

The mama who asked me this is actually my bestie on Instagram. We talk A LOT and sometimes I feel like she really soaks up all my craziness and helping me think that having one glass of wine is never enough. She is honestly the easiest person to talk to and is genuinely a good person. She is about 2 hours away from me and I know one day we will make that date happen because I would LOVE to hang with this soul for even 2 minutes. She also pretty much comments on ALL my photos so if you want to give this sweet soul a follow she will be the best follow @simplyamberjordan.


I have answered all the questions. Thank you all for the sweet comments. I read them too don’t worry. I will do another question & answer again some day xo












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