A gorgeous morning!

Happy Friday!! I mean do mamas get excited about Friday’s? When I used to “work” I would get so EXCITED about Friday’s because I was ready to sleep in. Well, I don’t get excited about Friday’s because of the sleeping in (because we know that doesn’t happen) but I get excited to have my husband around and we have family over to hang with. It’s one of my favourite parts about Friday’s. But I really try to make sure I do not get burned out during the week. I feel so much better when I wake up a bit earlier than Adin, I can get ready and drink my coffee in quiet. There’s nothing better than drinking your hot coffee, and fresh gorgeous flowers. Custom ring made by @prairiemamaservices – made with my breastmilk forever in love and really completed my outfit. With love, Mya


Visiting the pandas.

Hi babes! I know I kind of been back and forth on my instagram and honestly with Adin being so active, I really need to get him out and doing things. So if you have any ideas for a busy toddler! Please send me my way xx This blog post, I wanted to show our little trip to the zoo. We visited the pandas in Calgary. They are here for about 5 years and we were so excited to see them. Not only see them but wear our panda outfit. I mean really did you go to the zoo if you didn’t have your zoo outfit? If you don’t know this by now, I am a sucker for prints! Greys & whites and black prints. I like funky, soft and fun little patterns that Adin can wear. These ADORABLE bottoms were made by a company @littlehuddyduds she honestly blew me away with this print. So many people were loving the pandas and the fact that we were visiting the pandas made the outfit even cuter!!The top is made by a company called @thehappiestcollection and honestly it was the perfect match to these shorts! I honestly found this beautiful company over at @littlehuddyduds she gives me so MUCH inspiration what pieces to put with what. Honestly, I love to support small. These lovely mamas, make these hand made and is filled with so much love. With love, Mya

Adin’s first “real” hair cut!

I was so excited to share this! Adin did have a mini hair cut from my sister on his 1st birthday but he only took a a piece from the sides and the back. This is a little tradition where we keep the hair and then plant it in a tree. I have kept this in a jar until we move into our next home which we probably won’t leaving from there. ( I will talk about this in another post later…) We were so excited for this real hair cut. I actually thought it would share him with the sounds of the machine and the blow dryer but it didn’t. We did introduce the vacuum to Adin on an early age so he wasn’t afraid of it! But in all honestly, he didn’t cry but could not stay still (this is normal for this little guy) he was so interested in all the THINGS. He really did enjoy the airplane part so I do suggest if you take your little babe somewhere, make sure it has a kid friendly part.With love,



I sat here and thought what in the world am I going to name this blog post. I was like “I have been food blogging for quiet some time now so can I say week 1?” Well.. I did. Because I feel like this will be the FIRST WEEK of fully posting all of our meals on my blog (yay). When I started BLW I really enjoyed preparing the meals for Adin. It made it a fun time and I felt like it was less stressful and also could control what he eats. ( I will get into the less stressful and easy part in the future so keep on following) So when I opened the Instagram page @feedingadin (yes you can still view it, I will keep it open as it has over 160 posts of meals and I don’t ever want to take them away from you)  I honestly had no idea we would have about 450 followers! this is a lot!! that means 400 people viewed and waited for these meals. So many people liked, commented, asked for questions and then tagged me in the same meal on their page. JUST LOVE IT ALL! so here we are growing and I want to do more. I want to help mama’s know that BLW is not scary and I am here for every step of the way. Even though, I do cook really well. It all came with practice and in all honesty doing these meals made me realize how much better I have gotten. How I want to explore more with his food. So, if you keep following me I will give you ALL my tips and tricks.  Also, comment on the blog post itself so I can answer your questions there directly and others can learn off it because sometimes I get the same question asked more than once in my personal messages.

What these blog posts will be like? You will see the post on my Instagram, it will include all the foods for that week. I will add a little description to it but ALL the details will be on the blog. Reason being is because I do not want to overload those posts with so much information. Because moving to this my main page meant I was going to give you guys as much details as I possibly can…


So here it is…



One pan chicken fried rice. This is actually a european recipe. I have learnt his recipe from my mother and my mother in law. Now, I have tweaked it and put in my own things and made it a bit healthier option. My husband wants healthy options always! and I love this because it’s literally all in one pan. EASY!

What you need: 


Basmati Rice

White Potatoes



Salt & Pepper


Olive Oil

How to make:

Grab a non stick dish, oil it up with some olive oil. Cover it completely.  Turn your oven on to 400 Fahrenheit. I will usually put 1-2 cups of rice in there. You want enough to cover the whole dish and enough so you don’t see any of the dish on the bottom. Season it with some salt and a spice called “vegeta” I will use my hands because the oil and spice will nicely cover the rice. Cut up the potatoes in slices, season. Put it on top of the rice. Cover the rice completely with the potatoes.

Season the chicken (I will do this last because I like to clear everything off my counter and make sure nothing gets touched by the raw chicken) I will use half a chicken and this will feed my husband, Adin and myself. I will usually season it with Salt, Pepper, vegeta, and Paprika. I will drizzle some olive oil on it and I will literally massage all these spices into the chicken. Let it sit for 10 minutes and I will put the chicken on top of the potatoes and rice. I will add about 2 cups of water or enough to completely cover the rice and potatoes. I will add more olive oil on top and then I will put it in the oven to cook for 60-80 minutes.

After its cooked, I will put it in the EZPZ mat, add some cucumbers, and grapes. He will also have plain whole fat yogurt from yoplait in a reusable pouch!

**I do recommend you get a non stick dish or pan to prevent the rice or potatoes from sticking**

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6 items in your simple closet this spring

Spring!  I feel like I have been waiting forever to switch over my closet from winter to spring. I finally have and I am so excited to share you my favourite items I have in there. I will also be uploading on my instagram on how to put these pieces together. Just remember these are your everyday/easy going things. I like to keep a simple closet.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Stripes dress with Converse shoes 


Stripes Dress – This is one of my favourite *must haves* in your closet. It is honestly the easiest to wear and so many things go with it. You can put a stripes dress with a jean jacket, a long cardigan. You can pull it off with sneakers, loafers, sandals, and booties. You name it! It’s simple and it always stands out.

I will attach some of my favourite stripe dresses –> Stripes Dress , Stripes Dress , Stripes Dress , Stripes Dress

Jean Jacket – I absolutely love a good jean jacket. Actually, I love all kinds of jean jackets. I want to own more than two sometimes. However, I have limited myself to the two for now. I currently carry a light jean jacket and a white jean jacket. Just having these two items pull my outfits together so much. They go well with flowly, tight dresses. They also go well with simple tops, or dressy tops with jeans. It is kind of the easiest thing to wear really.

I will attach some of my favourite jean jackets –> Jean Jacket , Jean Jacket

Black Maxi Dress – If you don’t own a black maxi dress. You must go buy one. They are so easy and great for spring/summer. I love how easy it is to pair with everything. You can tie this in with a nice cardigan, a jean jacket, a cute hat, or a cute side bag that pulls it together. This dress can be dressed as casual or a going out dinner dress. It’s always so comfy and breathable and you look like you really tried to put a fancy outfit today. It literally works wonders. If you really want to keep it fancy, you can put a cute pair of heels.

I will attach some of my favourite black maxi dresses –> Black Maxi Dress (With Pockets) , Black Maxi Dress (Without Pockets) , Black Maxi Dress

Converse Shoes – These are pretty much my go to “everyday shoes” next to my loafers. They are simple and SO easy to put with. They go with all my t-shirt dresses, my maxi dresses, my jeans, my casual joggers. They honestly are just easy and always are comfy. Converse shoes feel a bit bigger so when you do buy yourself a pair, make sure you are trying them in person. I currently only have one pair of converse but I want to give in to another one but all WHITE! well because I just love simple colours.

I will attach my two favourite converses –> Converse Shoes , Converse Shoes

Loafers – These are in style right now and I am currently obsessed with the black loafers they are coming out with. Black goes with everything and are so easy to pair with everything.

I will attach my FAVOURITE loafers –>Black Loafers , Black Loafers

Totesavy insert – I have been in love with totesavy’s for a while now. I have one in my diaper bag and one in my casual bag. It keeps all my essentials easy to see and my bag always looks clean and organized. There is nothing cuter than having an organized bag.

I will attach my current favourite totesavy –> Grey ToteSavy


With love,



What we do in a day.

Happy Tuesday! Our everyday routine has been somewhat the same for months now but we have the odd days where I have nothing planned and honestly I believe when we stay in the house all day, he gets bored and I get bored. I will count the minutes until my husband is back from work. Some days I don’t get to see my husband until 8pm at night and I truly believe when I don’t have anything planned, I barely can handle the full day without him. However, on the days when he comes home some what on a decent time, I really feel like I can breathe. If you have any things you do differently or really think your babe enjoys doing, comment below on this post because I really want to know xx

7:30am-8:00am – Adin will wake up. If my husband isn’t gone yet, he will actually grab Adin and change him. Then he will bring him into our room and then that’s when I am woken up. If my husband doesn’t get him ready. I will get up and change his diaper and put a simple (around the house) outfit because I know he will destroy it with his breakfast.. ah!!

8:30am – I usually make breakfast for him around this time. Usually he is SO HUNGRY! because he doesn’t wake up at all for any feeds or anything. He doesn’t give me much time to make food so I really have to plan the night before to make sure I have everything so I am not scattering around the kitchen figuring out what I have.  Everyday is kind of different for breakfast. If you are interested on what we eat for breakfast, go follow @feedingadin on Instagram.

I will clean up our breakfast, wipe down his chair and the table. I really do not like to pile up anything. I clean as I go! When I am done cleaning. I will go play with him in his playroom. I do really try to do a lot of learning games. He currently loves:  Rock-A-Stack Baby Toy & Baby’s First Blocks those are the ones he is really interested playing in right now. He also loves to read his books. He will usually sit in my lap and I will just read all the books that I have put in his playroom. I have put more “activity” books in his playroom and then I do quiet “bedtime” books in his room.

10:00am – He usually gets a snack around this time. He will either be sitting in his chair, or I will put it in his snack cup ( Munchkin Snack Catcher ) depending on what I give him to eat. I literally have given him peanut butter and rice cakes in his snack catcher and he got it all over my walls and couches…SO watch out for that haha! We will watch or listen to nursery songs, dance, go for a walk, or clean upstairs, make the beds, clean the rooms, do a load of laundry etc. I really try to clean as I go as much as I can.

12:00pm – We will have lunch at this time. I do make lunch for him everyday. If you are also looking for some inspiration on lunches, again its on our @feedingadin Instagram.

12:30pm – He will go down for him nap and he usually naps till 2:00-2:30pm

I will clean the mess from the lunch. I will literally clean the main floor about 3 times a day and sometimes more. I will prepare dinner if I am slow-cooking. If I am not then I will starting cooking around 5pm. I will make my bed, change, brush my teeth and do my hair/face. I will fold laundry or put one in if needed. Then I usually have like 20 minutes left to just “relax” I will either catch up on Instagram/blog/ or just watch gossip girl 10 more times…literally

2:00-2:30pm- When he wakes up. I will usually read a book to him, I am not sure why this helps but it really gets him back into the groove and then he’s ready to play. I will change him out of his sleep sac ( Aden&Anais Sleep Sac ) I believe he is currently in a Large. We will go downstairs and prepare for our afternoon hang. This is where I usually go out. We go to Gymboree about 2-3 times a week. His classes are usually from 2:30pm-3:15 so if he wakes up late, then we don’t go. Other days, I will run errands or have a baby date. We do also grocery shopping, go to the mall, hang out with some friends, spend even more money, go for a walk. Honestly, everyday is different on what we do but I really have to “get out” to feel like there is a break in the day.. OR I GO CRAZY!! and really to be honest some days I really do go crazy.

5:00pm – I will usually be home by this time. I will make dinner and hope my husband is home by then because if he isn’t. Adin will hang off my leg while I make dinner.. If my husband isn’t home, it will just be me and Adin who have dinner and then my husband will just eat it when he gets home. However, he has been really trying to start his days earlier to come home for dinner. (God I love him) because it’s where we “catch up” and talk about plans for the rest of the week.

6:30pm – We will put Adin in the bath and this really consists of him just turning the faucet on and off. So we are hoping this phase goes away soon because he will make the water so COLD!! I will take him out of the bath, chase him hundred times, try to get his pyjamas on and then we will brush his teeth, read ALL the books in his box. I will put him in his sleep sac, give him a kiss, put him in his crib and then I will say goodnight and shut the door but not completely shut. He will fall asleep on his own between 5-10 minutes and then he’s out for the whole night.

7:00pm – Everyone probably see’s this and goes “She can relax” this is SO FAR from it. I will clean up dinner, clean the whole kitchen, sweep the floors, mop if needed, clean some more and put away his toys, fix the living room, catch up on emails/Instagram. I will try to go to the gym 3 times a week but I only work out for 30 minutes. I currently do 9ROUNDFITNESS, which is 9 rounds of kickboxing. On Wednesdays, my husband and I will do “date night” and thats means every Wednesday we aren’t allowed to make any plans but spend time together. It’s the best thing and I look forward to it every week.

I usually go to sleep by 12:00am – It’s bad but it really is the only time I can finally catch up on everything. I will usually read my book or watch gossip girl ten times more.

Hope you enjoyed!! if you have any recommendations on fun activities we can do, comment below xo


Our restaurant essentials.

Happy Sunday! I really want to get back into blogging at least 1-2 times a week. It’s been a tough couple of months. Adin being sick and then me three times!! So I really hope we stay healthy and can enjoy this beautiful weather we have been having. We both need it so much and we will be spending as much time outside so don’t forget to follow me on my blog or my Instagram @everyvikicmoment to make sure you don’t miss our posts.

Ok so this post was something that has taken me months to really “succeed” at enjoying a meal outside with a baby. We don’t really go out for dinner because I prefer my own cooking. Also, when I was just exclusively breastfeeding honestly.. going out for lunch or dinner was not my thing. I really couldn’t get comfy or get him to really latch on properly and I was always worried about am I going to have space etc.. The list could go on. As Adin got older, we were able to go out for dinner and then I would feed him before dinner. So sad.. But Adin has fully weaned himself off. I will be writing a post about the feelings about that but for now we will just go straight into how to survive the restaurant Get your bags ready.

  1. Travel High Chair

This is something I love that we own. We take it everywhere and it is always clean and I don’t have to worry about germs. When I do attach it to the table I will wipe it down with an antibacterial wipe. Its convenient and its always with us. We purchased this Guzzie Guss travel high chair. It is the easiest to clean. I wipe it down with a cloth after each feed and will spray it at the end of the day with a baby spray. I will take the fabric off once a week and put it into the wash.

2. Ezpz Mini Mats (Bowl + Mat)

These are our favourite must haves! It’s literally sticks to the table and he isn’t able to move it at all. I always know it’s clean and I don’t have to worry about any germs there as well. He knows his plate and always knows that it’s time to eat when he see’s these mats. I have attached them here for you: Mini Mat or the Mini Bowl – Depending on which one is clean I will just take whichever one. They are so EASY to clean and did I mention that they stick every single time! It never fails me and he can never pull it off. I will put it in the washer at the end of the day and make sure its perfectly clean for the next day. Also, if you are looking for some food inspiration visit our feeding/recipes Instagram page @feedingadin

3. Wet Wipes/ Hand Sanitizer wipes

The wet wipes are my best friend. I have them everywhere. In my car, in the kitchen, in my bag. I use this before he eats anything. I will wipe his hands before he eats. I will use the hand sanitizer wipes to clean the table at the restaurant and his mess.  I also will use the wet wipes or the sanitizer wipes to clean up the ezpz mat or his bib. I just don’t like to leave a mess before we go and he tends to do that haha. However, we just use the basic wipes. You can click on these and see the ones we use: Wet Wipes Hand/Face & Hand Sanitizer Wipes but honestly anything will work as long as you get the antibacterial wipes because then you are just spreading those germs around.

4. Doggy Bags 

Honestly, best idea ever. When I saw this from someone. I thought how neat. I use the doggy bags to put all his dirty ezpz mat, bip, his reusable yogurt pouch. It won’t get dirty in my bag. I also will use these doggy bags for his diaper. Buy them at winners or at the dollar store and you will get your moneys worth.

5. An easy to clean Bib 

I use this bib for Adin and its the only one we really use now. It’s easy to roll up and doesn’t take so much space in your bag. It’s easy to clean with one of the wipes. It never has a weird smelly or residue left over. It’s one of the best ones.

With love,