My lash addiction.

Hi babes! I am so excited to write this blog post because it is probably the highest/ requested one. I had so MANY questions about my eyelashes. So.. as promised here it is all the tips, tricks and secrets xox

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Lets start off its an addiction. I am not talking about you know having your coffee every day. I am talking about you thrive off of them. You dream about your next fill is just so you can have them even more fuller. Your makeup always looks on point and you love them. You get complimented on it everyday and in the end you know you are for sure addicted to them. The truth is, once you start is is really really HARD to go back to your regular boring eyelashes. I have been doing my eyelashes for 7 years!! ah!!! But I love them so much, they are part of me.

I have gathered all the questions I get repeatedly asked and I am so happy to share you my answers to them.

How much do they cost? 

This depends on your lash technician and where you are located. However, my lash fill is $90 for mega volume. I believe a full set is anywhere from $180-200. If you are doing a full set, but I do a fill.

How long can you go without a fill?

Honestly 3 weeks is like my max. I really like mine to be clean, full and perfect.

How are yours so THICK?

Haha! honestly, I started with just regular classic, then went onto volume and then finally mega volume. Mega Volume is very thin lashes and there is about 10-15 on one lash. Not a lot of people do mega volume, but I believe it will be out there soon enough.

How do you take care of them?

You really have to take care of them. They should be part of your morning and night face routine. I wash them with water and baby soap. I take the soap and gently clean it through my lashes, and then I rinse them out. Once they are dry, I brush them with an eyelash brush and make sure they are clean and there is nothing weird in there. Especially if you like to wear eyeshadow or extra stuff, then you need to make sure you are cleaning them.

Do you feel like you pick at them?

Of course! if anyone tells you that they don’t. They are simply lying to you. There are some months, I am SUPER bad with it. Other months, I forget that they are even on my eyes. I feel like if I am stressed I am touching them or if its really dry ( where I live its so dry!!!) my lashes feel dry so I try to keep them clean and sometimes will put lotion just on the lid never on my lashes. Reason for this is you can’t put any oil on the lashes as the glue will hate it.

Does it hurt? 

Never. It will only hurt if you find someone who is attaching so many of your natural lashes and clumping it onto fake ones. It has to be clean. Each lash has their own fan family and you can easily brush through them. It will however hurt if you pull them out because it will result you pulling your real ones.

Is it worth it?

Honestly, its worth every dollar. I look forward to my appointment. It’s time to myself. I get to relax and get dolled up. I wake up every morning, clean my face, my eyelashes are done, brush them out, put foundation on and I am set. It looks like I have makeup on but seriously it’s just my eyelashes. I could be so TIRED but still look good with my eyelashes.

I do recommend you search for a good lash technician. Make sure you like your lashes. Make sure you can brush them without any tugging and make sure you are cleaning them. If you use makeup on top, get a oil free cleanser and be gentle when you are cleaning. If you are really over due for a fill, just get a basic clear mascara and brush it so they don’t look bad. It will keep them looking clean. Classic sets wont give you that full effect like mine, but start small and then work your way up. The volume sets make sure when you are really due for a fill that the fans of the lashes still can spread out so it doesn’t look as bad. But I do recommend you work way your way up. I promise you will love them as much as I have loved them for 7 years.


With love,






Angel Care AC310-P

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I am so EXCITED to talk to you about the new monitor we received from Angel Care. I wanted to use the monitor a bit, a get a feel of it and make sure I fully understood how to use this one. If you have read our very first blog post about angel care, I talked about why we loved the AC510 version. Click right here to write about it >Angel care Monitor 

This blog post is about the AC310-P angel care monitor.  This monitor is ALMOST identical however, it has a couple of different features. The major different feature would be that this is not a touch screen directly on the screen itself, you actually touch the symbols on the side that navigates you. The screen is a bit smaller but the symbols on the side really help you look for what you need right there. This one also has a wall mount or the tabletop camera and it comes with an adjustable magnetic mount. We put ours on the wall and feel like we can get a full view of him in his crib. What I absolutely love is that it has a low profile camera with a room temperature display, it turns red when its too warm and blue for too cool. We keep Adin’s room about 22-23 celsius The night vision is also AMAZING on this. You can pretty much see everything. The one thing that I do see is a lot of people see how the camera itself shows a light of the temperature so it gives a bit of light in the room. However, I keep ours on because it gives him a bit of light so if he needs to find his soother or just wants to move around. If you don’t want this, just take black hockey tape and cover it and it will completely black it out. It also does have a two-way talk and to be honest I haven’t ever used it at night because I don’t talk to Adin through it. He doesn’t ever wake up so I dont have to communicate with him. However, when my husband is taking him out of the crib after his nap, and they are still in the room, I will communicate to him through the monitor and he has mentioned how well he can hear me. So, if you are looking to play soothing sounds or sing to your baby through this monitor. It would be a good choice.

If you read my first post about the AC510 I talked about in the blog post how we couldn’t find a good monitor that would go far in range. This camera goes far!!! Our house is about 2000 square feet (with basement) we can go to the garage and across the street and we will not lose signal at all! WHICH I LOVE!  Because I simply move from room to room, cleaning or doing something while Adin is sleeping and I want to make sure I can see/hear him at all times.  I also loved how this one came with the under the mattress breathing sensor pad, it tracks subtle movements. It will sound if no breathing movement is detected after 20 seconds. I will love this when Adin becomes a toddler, and he comes out of the crib and the monitor doesn’t pick up the very quiet sounds because he will probably master it…BUT the sensor pad will 🙂 So I am so excited for that.

A lot of you asked me if you could watch it on your phone. In all honestly, I looked for one without. I wanted to keep him on something separate from my phone. As when he goes to bed I am constantly on my phone and I don’t want to keep going back and forth to it. I really don’t know if they will introduce the phone part but I simply am loving the way it is right now.  I also got asked what am I doing with both monitors. I kept them both. I put the AC310-P  in his room and then I used AC510 (older) in his playroom. I use both monitors and just watch him wherever he is.

To finish this off, we simply love our new monitor. Its loud, clear and easy to see Adin, if its during the day or at night. If you have any questions, or comments please send them to me.

This post is sponsored but all my opinions and comments are from me. I always loved Angel Care.

With love,


“It doesn’t matter what others do, it matters what you do”

This post was very hard to start because I wasn’t sure if it was the right call to make. However, I made it for myself and to remind myself everyday.

“It doesn’t matter what others do, it matters what you do” 

With my feeding page @feedingadin and my everyday Instagram @everyvikicmoment –  I have got a lot of questions as to why their kid isn’t eating the way Adin is. Or if they should be feeding exactly the same amount that he is in the photo. Or if Adin is about to walk, and why isn’t mine. Or, oh my baby walked at 11 months. How come Adin is so late? This list goes on..

In the first couple of months when Adin was born. I really had no idea what I was doing. I was reading books, reading blogs, figuring it out at night, or just simply just trying to survive the day with him. I used to always be like how come he doesn’t have exactly the teeth that the books says, or why isn’t he crawling because I saw this baby. Or my favourite one because the doctor said. When Adin turned about 8 months I really realized that I was his mom and I wasn’t anyone else’s mom. I wasn’t a mom to show others that I can be a mom.

All of our babies are different and unique in their own way. So if your baby is crawling at 6 months and mine isn’t. THATS OKAY. If your baby has 10 teeth at 8 months and mine only has 6 at one year. THATS OKAY. Because at the end we all get the same result. We all walk, talk, and eat at the end. It doesn’t matter how fast we got there. It’s that we watched them grow and enjoyed their moments.

So if you are reading this or going through my Instagram pages and wondering how my life is perfect or how my baby is doing something but yours isn’t. Dont anymore. Because our lives are perfect in our ways. But If i post a milestone just know that I am sharing because I am happy FOR him and excited that he has overcome this milestone. Not because he hit it at a certain time. It because it happened and I didn’t look at others. If you want to share a memory, please tag me in it so I can be happy with you.

Remember, that our babies are all unique and filled with so much love.





First year of motherhood Q&A



Adin is napping so I thought I would write this now. I usually write it when he goes to bed at 7pm but today I really wanted to relax because we really had a busy weekend. Anyways, I wanted to write this post because I wanted to answer moms out there or moms to be that want to know certain things. I searched so many blog post when I was pregnant and found so many helpful. So, I hope this finds helpful to you as well. Again, thanks for reading and your love everyday.

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Adin’s 1st Birthday



I can’t believe that Adin is one and this day has already passed. I put so much preparation into this and I am so happy how it turned out. I also want to thank all the companies who were part of in making this birthday extra special.  *The Unique day, Simplyelledesigns, LittleHuddyduds, Feltlikesharing, and Doce Photography*


When I was planning Adin’s birthday. I wanted something different and something that hasn’t been done much. I picked a Space/Galaxy theme, this was extremely hard because the space theme or anything space related was VERY HARD to find. I ended up shopping A LOT online. The Unique day and I partnered up back in December and she wanted to custom make something for Adin and everything that was sent was amazing quality and unique. Nothing fell apart and it was easy to put together. The package had so much in it and I felt like I had more than enough.


This package included:


Space photo

Cupcake toppers

3 Banners (Adin, ONE, Rocketspace&stars)

Cake smash topper (ONE)

Straw flags

Thanks for making my party a blast favour tags

Silver balloons




Custom made by Simplyelledesigns on instagram

I also teamed up with Littlehuddyduds and she created a custom space jogger pant for Adin’s birthday. I used it for his first year photo shoot done by Doce photography and for his cake smash.  The joggers were SO soft and she made sure she find the exact print I needed to flow with his party. She did not disappoint me at all!


Photos taken by Doce Photography 


Adin had two outfits at his party. I got custom space bow ties for him and his dad made on etsy. I also purchased matching shirts and pants for their outfits. His second outfit was a shirt done by Etsy that said “Dude its my birthday” and his pants were from littlehuddyduds, his shoes were made by baresoremoccs.





On this day we celebrated so much and it felt like the longest day ever. He was so tired but he HAD SO MUCH FUN. We hired Sprog&Pocket to come and set up a play-place for 15 kids because I felt that it would of been way to hectic for the venue. The venue we rented out for the day was big enough to fit 200 people, it had windows all over and it looked over a golf course. I got a lady to custom make the cake which was MORE than enough and I made the smash cake sugar free at home.




He spent most of his time eating off the fruit and then destroyed it after.  

I made my own recipe because it was VERY hard to find one without sugar free. I ended up making it a banana cake but blended up apple to make it like an apple sauce. For the “icing” I used unsweetened coconut yogurt and added banana when I used my mixer. It did stay in the fridge and he loved it only as he has coconut yogurt for breakfast and I usually make banana muffins for him. So it worked out it just wasn’t as pretty of fluffy. But he did have so much fun with it.

I also wanted to share about our experience with Sprog&Pocket. Easy and sweet family operating it. They made sure we had the best and to be completely honest I did not think it would of been so big when I got there. However, they blew me away and it looked beautiful! The babies and kids had so much fun and it really kept them away from the main tables and kept them occupied and happy.



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Baby Led Weaning

What is BLW? Baby led weaning. Means forgetting baby purees and weaning spoons and just letting your baby feed themselves. A lot of parents usually try BLW with their second child more and they feel a bit more comfortable. However, I gave Adin purees up until six and half months and moved to baby led weaning at seven months. Then I gave up the purees all together a little before he was seven months. I honestly felt that the food had so many different tastes and it didn’t even taste like real food when it was mushed up. He couldn’t explore and I wanted him to learn to like food not eat because I am making him by stuffing a spoon in his mouth. I felt that when I put food in front of him he was WAY MORE intersted. I am NOT against purees because what feeds your baby is IMPORTANT however I felt like I should of approached it sooner and I know for next time I will just start with it from the beginning.

A lot of my family members were actually freaked out that a seven month old was eating large pieces of food and wasn’t choking. Choking and gagging are two very different things. Choking is a full on obstruction in the throat. Gagging is a involuntary retching reflex that is stimulated by something touching the posterior palate or simply the throat. I followed what approach I believed in and just went with it. I supervised him at ALL times and never ever left the room and I still don’t, even though he is 100% ok with all foods now. I believe that this approach was best for Adin. He will eat everything I put in front of him. Not only will he explore, feel it, play with, but he will eat it and enjoy eating his food.

I am not writing this blog post because BLW is the only way you should be feeding your baby. That’s not true. However, if you want to change to baby led weaning it is never to late to start. Buy yourself the baby led weaning book, research but be careful because not everything you read on google is correct. This blog post will tell you the DO’s and DONT’s with baby led weaning. 


Wait until your baby is ready – Honestly, this is important. It should be the very first step when you do BLW. Make sure your baby can sit up in a highchair.

Breastfeeding/ Formula – You still need to breastfeed or formula feed your baby. This is still your baby’s biggest source of nutrition.

Sit with your baby – You engage with your baby, talk with them and supervise them. No matter how long it takes them to eat, let them enjoy.

Cook all veggies – Honestly, steam them all. We use the beaba baby cook. Which cooks all his baby food in 15 minutes.

Prep – Cut all food thats easy for grasping. Cut them in long, thin strips, coin shaped. You want your baby to be able to hold it, grasp it with love. By 9 months they have the pincher grip.

Bean’s are protein also – If your baby doesn’t like meat, try it again next week. Offer black beans, green beans, lima beans you name it to substitute.

Let it be messy – Let them explore. Let them feel the food. Let them squish it. Buy all the one pieces bibs you can find, and a floor mat.

Eat together – Eat together as family. Give your baby what you are having. Eventually you will be eating the same thing and thats the best part of it.

Give three types a food at a time – Do not overwhelm with too much food. Start with three, give them time to try them all. Eventually they won’t be overwhelmed by so much spices, or your home made chilli 🙂


When your baby wants milk instead of solid food – You will know when your baby doesn’t want solid food and wants milk. If Adin wants breastmilk he will whine or throw his food to the side and I will offer him breastmilk. So if you know it’s been a while since you last fed breastmilk or formula give it to them. **This could change when they turn one**

Overload on too many new foods – Like I said above there. Start with three at a time. Also in the beginning you don’t want to try to many new foods because you won’t be able to pinpoint allergic reactions if they have one.

Don’t panic – Understand that gagging is a reflex to get rid of food that was either chewed incorrectly. They will gag to get rid of that food and sometimes will just spit it out. Offer water as well, it will help clear it. If you get scared, they will and probably give up finishing their meal. Be calm.

Rushing them – Honestly, do not rush them. Sometimes it takes Adin 40 minutes to eat when I give him something new. If this happens, be there and continue to socialize with them. This is important.

Giving up – Don’t give up. This is something new to them and they are still learning

Don’t ever leave your baby alone with food – Even when you are confident, stay with them. Enjoy this time with them. This will be a good habit to be together always for meal times.

Happy Baby Led Weaning!

With love,



Every piece of jewellery tells a story

I have collaborated with Prairie Birth Services for a long term. When I met the owner, Jennifer, it was like I have known her my entire life. She talked about why and how she came up with breastmilk keepsakes and I fell in love. I mean I fell in love with the product before I even got to know her and the company. When I finally got the hang of breastfeeding (4 months) I thought to myself I can’t believe that I won’t have ANYTHING to remember but the photos and my memory. I want to have my breastmilk with me forever, because one day it will be there and then it will just be gone. Adin hasn’t weaned himself and we aren’t planning yet. He will be a breastfed baby for almost a year and it’s crazy to even think about it.

Why would you want to keep your breastmilk? It’s really hard to explain the feelings I have towards it. But I will try. I struggled with breastfeeding from day one and it took me nearly three whole months to succeed. I was indeed stubborn to even give Adin any formula because I had breastmilk, it was just the latch that we were failing on. I failed over and over and cried pretty much every day till we succeeded. I visited a lactation physician once a week and got my husband to help with the feeds so he could help me with the latch. I remember crying to my husband that it was THE HARDEST thing I have ever done. Birth and labour was not the hardest, it was the breastfeeding. I got mastitis twice, and fought it on my own while I continued to nurse Adin until it was gone. I pumped to top him up as much as I could because we really struggled with the latch. I remember hearing ” Just pump him a bottle and don’t breastfeed, you don’t need to do this to yourself” just hearing that made me so upset. I had milk, BUT my baby wouldn’t latch. Why!! I was so angry but so upset at the same time. I couldn’t express my feelings because it was ME who had to get through this. It was me and Adin who had to do this.

Now lets go back all the way back to a month before Adin was born. So, January 25, 2016. I was pregnant and he was going to be here soon. I remember telling my husband the things that were important to me. I told him that breastfeeding is important to me. I explained to him why and why I needed him to support me through everything, even the tears. I told him if I tried to give up, for him to push. To push hard and never get me to give up. Because he is who I lean on. He’s who I come to for a safe place.

Now lets go to February 26, 2017. Second day of holding my baby. He was oh so indeed warm, soft and ours. He wanted the breast oh so bad. But we cried. Both of us as we failed to get a latch on. Hours later of trying, I got a latch but it hurt and I pushed through just so he would eat. I ended up getting a blister but I was so relieved that he did it. I felt so happy, I was so positive about the next feed but then we both failed. We cried again. And I ended up pumping and giving him the breastmilk. I did skin to skin while feeding him and just kept putting back on the breast to get him to practice. So no it did not come natural to us. It was hard.

Adin ended up getting his lip tie done, and it was hard for me to put him through it but I wanted to breastfeed him. I had over supply milk from pumping to much because we were afraid his latch was going to trick my body into thinking we didn’t need much milk. I was stubborn and I didn’t give up because this is what I wanted. Three months later, he latched and had a full feed. The next feed he latched, and the next. Then we never looked back and I felt like all the weight off my shoulders have come off. I could breathe.  I stopped giving Adin bottles at four months, because I wanted to breastfeed. No cleaning, no sterilizing. Just me and him in the moment. It was perfect.

You probably read that and thought “Ok Fewf, its over” It didn’t stop there. I got the latch and then I ended up having over supply. I had so much milk, that Adin was holding his breath because the milk was coming in way TOO FAST for him. He went on a nursing strike three times and didn’t want to take a bottle.He cried, I cried. I went to two pediatrician and they told me to just feed him a bottle and that when he was hungry he would eat. This was not the fact. He cried from being over hungry but DIDN’T want the breast because he knew he couldn’t drink it fast enough. I was mad and I felt like I was being supported on what I wanted. I went back to my lactation physician and we tried every position to get Adin to sit up instead of laying down. We ended up getting past this and my milk regulated when Adin turned 4 months.

We haven’t stopped breastfeeding. We are still at 4 feeds a day. But when he does decide to wean himself. If I have a one, two our eight pieces of breastmilk keepsakes. I will be able to put a memory in each of them and remember all of it. I will remember that we fought so hard and we succeeded. It was the greatest bond that I could ever receive. I fed my baby with food that was created by me.

I might have collaborated with this sweet company in exchange of posts and blog posts. But all my opinions are pure and honest.

A person who listened to every breastfeeding story and even struggled with her own and thought lets make jewelry out of it, save it and store it for these mothers to keep forever. I mean she’s simply just brilliant. If I had to say.  Because of her I will always have mine and Adin’s breastfeeding journey, forever.


Questions & Answers written by Prairie Mama services.

What is DNA jewelry?
DNA Jewelry takes the process of preserving a special piece of something you love and placing it into a jewelry piece. Each piece of handmade jewelry is unique, because we make them with the utmost love. This type of work requires dedication and passion. We, here at Prairie Mama are determined to achieve the best results.

What are you able to preserve?
We can preserve almost anything! This includes but not limited to breast milk, placenta powder, umbilical stump, hair, ashes, pet fur, or even a small piece of a wedding dress!
If you have any hesitations or are interested but unsure if we’re able to preserve it, give us a call or text 1-587-257-8984 or e-mail

Sending your inclusions. 

Breastmilk (1 oz / 30ml)
We recommend using milk storage bags – triple bagging the milk is ideal, to avoid any possible leaks in your package. If you don’t have any milk storage bags, any Ziploc bag will work. Again, please follow the three bag rule as we would hate to have any leak out! Feel free to send frozen, expired, refrigerated or fresh milk.

She has a load of collections to pick from. Rings, necklaces, earrings. She is currently having a sale until January 31, 2018! You still have time to get your discount in. Take 30% off your entire order. Use code: H7DWZDEH9N4S: at checkout


Thank you so much for reading.

With lots of love.